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LCS Week 6 Spotlight: Jun-sik ‘Bang’ Bae of 100 Thieves

LCS Week 6 Spotlight: Bang of 100 Thieves

Despite the early struggles of 100 Thieves, Jun-sik ‘Bang‘ Bae has given them life as of recent. His performance during Week 6 of the LCS helped his team take their first 2-0 weekend of the Summer Split. It seemed as though Bang was ready for anything his opponents threw at him, making him very deserving of the spotlight.

Playing at 100%

Bang's performance from Week 6 of the LCS makes him worth of the spotlight
Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

Things have started to turn around for 100 Thieves and one of the biggest reasons why is Bang in the Bottom Lane. His 10/3/7 scoreline from Week 6 certainly proves how big his impact was, as they coasted to two wins over OpTic Gaming and Echo Fox.

The biggest thing that stands out with Bang is his newfound aggressiveness. Previously in the Spring Split, he was more reactive, resulting in a lot of negative scenarios. Instead of feeling confident in his and his teammates’ play, Bang would be hesitant and lack proper positioning. Now, he seems to feel more comfortable with the game plan, as well as his teammates.

The Impact of the Bottom Lane

For 100 Thieves, most of their game plan revolves around the Bottom side of the map. The experience from their support – Zaqueri ‘Aphromoo‘ Black – typically gives them the edge on paper, but execution has been their downfall. If Aphromoo and Bang have a bad day, so does the team as a whole. This has been seen multiple times this split, however the narrative has begun to shift.

Bang has been hot recently, notching him a feature in the LCS Spotlight
Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

As of recent, 100 Thieves’ Bottom Lane duo has found somewhat of a rhythm. Whether it’s their composition, positioning or execution: these two have given 100 Thieves a lot of hope as they approach the halfway point of the Summer Split. Instead of walking over wards or getting caught out, Bang and Aphromoo have capitalized on their match-ups. This has resulted in plenty of early game leads for them, helping build momentum in and out of the game.

More often than not, if an advantage is present for 100 Thieves in the Bottom Lane, they turn it into a winning situation. Bang has done a terrific job of polishing his play to make sure that this is possible. Even though he’s had his fair share of mistakes, 100 Thieves have surely benefited from Bang’s performance as of late.

Cody Hill Gives Insight on Bang’s Improvements

Bang, despite having a plethora of poor performances throughout the Spring Split and beginning of summer, has come into form thus far in the Summer Split. As someone who has always thrived in team fights, Bang has transformed into a much more complete player. In Weeks 1 and 2, Bang averaged a 2.7 KDA while being down 1.1k in gold at 15 minutes. After the team changed rosters and had a better understanding of the competition, his stats immediately improved. From Weeks 3 to 6, Bang averaged a 5.0 KDA and had +471 gold at 15 compared to his opponents. In addition, his damage share increased twofold once 100 Thieves began to play more aggressive.

While many fans were distraught and frustrated over the team’s performance, 100 Thieves have moved forward since. Going forward with a new mindset and game plan has allowed Bang to shine. For a team that used to roll over in games, they’ve managed to create positive opportunities that they can benefit from. From being seen as an import bust, Bang has flourished with 100 Thieves and continues to grow each week. Despite their current 5-7 record, Bang and 100T are moving in the right direction.


Featured Image Courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

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