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League Of Legends: 100 Thieves Week 4 Preview

100 Thieves Summer Split

In Week 3, 100 Thieves picked up their very first win in over 100+ days on the LCS stage. With that, many of the roster changes that the Thieves have mad are aimed at creating more of these wins. Ryu “Ryu” Sang-wook, with his communication skills and shotcalling ability, has aimed to secure his spot on the main roster. Despite his prowess as a player, Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho continues to see play in the academy scene. Due to coaching decisions, the team believes Aaron “FakeGod” Lee and Ryu are best fit to start at the current moment. This week, against FlyQuest and Cloud9, fans could continue to see change to the roster.

Match 1: Cloud9

Currently, 100 Thieves sit at a 2-4 record overall against Cloud9 in regular split play. This year alone however, 100 Thieves sit at 0-2 looking at more losses on the way. The team, despite picking up their first win last week, are certainly outclassed by Cloud9 and its coaching staff. While things could change for 100 Thieves coming in to the match against Cloud9, there just seems to be too many faults to secure a win against a top team this early.


100 Thieves Summer Split
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FakeGod is in a rough matchup against Eric “Licorice” Ritchie in their first match this week. Considered a great North American talent, Licorice has displayed great play both on and off the stage. Licorice has played well with his team and secured advantages on the top side of the map so far this split.

Alongside that, with more on stage time under his belt and a phenomenal coaching staff, Licorice holds a well developed skill set in his hands. FakeGod, as mechanically skilled has many have called him, simply does not compare in experience. If Cloud9 attack any particular lane, expect it to be this one.

Match 2: FlyQuest

While 100 Thieves have dominated FlyQuest in post-season play, the overall record for regular split play sits at 3-4. Half of those losses come from 100 Thieves last split where the team fell apart rather quickly. In that split, FlyQuest looked to be a playoff team that made it all the way to the semi-finals. Despite that, FlyQuest come in to summer sharing last place alongside both Echo Fox and 100 Thieves. What was a playoff team has now hit the bottom of the barrel, creating an opportunity for 100 Thieves to sneak in another quick win.

100 Thieves Summer Split
Courtesy of LoLesports Flickr

In terms of team composition, both FlyQuest and 100 Thieves share similar characteristics in terms of individual skill. Despite that, the fresh blood in top lane with both FakeGod and Omran “V1per” Shoura may create a rather volatile match-up. Last split, V1per put on some of the best performances a top laner showcased alongside Licorice. Though that may be the case, FakeGod’s mechanical skill and general ability to play could turn the tide if he turns around from last week’s games. With that, communication via the mid lane with Ryu should continue to create opportunities for 100 Thieves to show aggression and team fight, something they’ve always been great at.


It’s a little early to say the Thieves could pick up another win, especially against a top team like Cloud9. With FlyQuest continuing to show poor performances, 100 Thieves is aimed to pick up their second win rather easily if they replicate last week’s play. While it isn’t guaranteed, FlyQuest could already be in the process of mental booming. 100 Thieves can use that to their advantage. If the Thieves are aiming for playoffs, last week was their starting stretches. Week 4 is the first leg of their race.


Featured Image Courtesy Of LoLesports Flickr

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