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League Of Legends: 100 Thieves Week 3 Preview

100 Thieves Week 3

100 Thieves are in deep trouble heading into Week 3 of the Summer Split. The team currently sits at 0-4, the only team without a win. With looks of frustration at the end of their match against Clutch Gaming, it’s clear that the pressure is mounting for the Thieves. Nevertheless, that same pressure could make or break their Split from here. If the Thieves can use this tension and a possible roster swap to their advantage, they may pick up their first win in Week 3.

Match 1 Golden Guardians

LCS Week 3

Froggen – Golden Guardians Mid Laner

When the Golden Guardians first made their debut in the LCS, they were mediocre at best. This year, the team has turned that reputation around rather gracefully. Making playoffs in the Spring Split, the team currently holds a 3-1 record going into Week 3 against 100 Thieves. The match-up has been back and forth since both teams have entered the LCS at the start of franchising, currently at 3-3 overall.

Normally, with their performance so far this split, the match seemed as if it’d end up one-sided in favor of the Golden Guardians. In recent news however, it seems as if the Thieves may be looking at roster changes for Week 3. If the roster changes aren’t made, it’s hard to see the Thieves coming out of the match with a win. The mid lane match-up is easily in Henrik “Froggen” Hansen’s favor. With an inability to team fight around their bot laner, Bae “Bang” Jun-sik, the Thieves have very little to hope for.

In the case there is a roster change, 100 Thieves fans may see Ryu “Ryu” Sang-wook and Jacob “Prismal” Feinstein hit the stage. If Ryu and Prismal were to be subbed in for Week 3, their chances at a win could skyrocket. Ryu’s ability to fill roles properly for his team could create the exact advantages the team has been aiming for.

Match 2 Echo Fox

While they took down Team Liquid, Echo Fox has looked pretty rough save for Colin “Solo” Earnest playing out of his mind this Split. Against the Thieves, Echo Fox is currently 3-6 against the team overall. Despite that, 100 Thieves’ mediocre start to the Summer Split could be biting them in the rear faster than most would expect. With comparable talent in nearly all roles, 100 Thieves and Echo Fox are relatively matched going into Week 3.

Mid Lane Match-Ups

LCS Week 3
Yusui – Echo Fox Mid Laner

Now that roster changes are on the horizon, 100 Thieves could have two drastically different match-ups in mid lane for their match against Echo Fox. Max “Soligo” Soong against David “Yusui” Bloomquist could be extremely volatile. Yusui has been revered for his mechanical play as a player. Alongside that, he’s been in the challenger scene for League of Legends for quite some time now. If given the chance, Yusui and company could tear through mid lane for a free victory.

If roster changes actually come through for the Thieves, things could turn out far different. Ryu, known for his ability to play whatever his team needs, could be making a return to the mid lane for 100 Thieves. Previously, 100 Thieves and Ryu went hand and hand during their initial Spring Split. The Thieves never actively played around Ryu. Even though this was the case, Ryu took to side lanes and created as much pressure as possible while on the main roster. If he can utilize his ability to split push and the Thieves can split apart the map, they may see a win in their near future.

Prediction: 100 Thieves Go 1-1

Fans should be looking forward to this coming week. Frustration and high emotions should bring this team to a breaking point for change. Their first two weeks started off the weakest of any team in the LCS. That alone should bring the Thieves forward in making change and creating wins for themselves. If Week 3 passes without a win again, 100 Thieves can kiss their split goodbye. Going 0-6 should recreate yet another mental boom for this team.

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