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League Of Legends: 100 Thieves Summer Split Preview

2019 Summer Split - 100 Thieves Roster

It’s that time again. The 2019 Summer Split is just days away and teams are making their final adjustments to go in to it guns blazing. One team in particular has a lot to prove this split, 100 Thieves.

The Thieves had a stressful Spring Split, finishing 4-12. For a team that had gone to finals the previous year, this is quite the step in the opposite direction. If they’re looking to improve this season, they’ve already take their first steps with the off-season.

Roster Changes

In this off-season, 100 Thieves made probably their biggest move towards a Summer Split Championships by picking up their new jungler, Amazing. Originally playing for TSM all the way back in 2014, Amazing has been on many teams as both a player and some form of coach. Making his way from NA to EU and now back to NA has brought him full circle.

Alongside their change in Amazing, 100 Thieves also decided to go ahead with their plan of putting Max “Soligo” Soong in at mid lane. Moving from their academy roster, Soligo has a decent base to start with has shown an alright level of play throughout the academy series. He isn’t high profile nor is he a veteran but that shouldn’t mean too much in the long run for 100 Thieves.

The Team

Returning top, we have Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho. A super star top laner that has always had a great showing since coming to the thieves. Ssumday has been a dominant force throughout his league career and he can only aim towards a title from here on out. Despite the rough Spring Split for 100 Thieves, Ssumday preformed admirably in the top lane, averaging just under 9 CS a minute.

Their newest addition, Amazing, brings quite a bit to the jungle role. With a veteran voice in the jungle role and 100 Thieves on the same page, Amazing could be one of the best choices the Organization will ever make. The ability to shotcall and direct game flow on top of veteran knowledge in the role will help Amazing and co find their footing at the start of the split.

At mid lane, Soligo doesn’t make a big change. Without much to go off other than his academy split performances, his importance is up in the air. One thing about him as a player however is that he averaged a 4.03 KDA in 2019 Academy Spring. Along with this, he boasts a strong 68.6% kill participation average and a surprising 8.31 CS per minute. He shows promise and, with hope in mind, can helping 100 Thieves’ move forward this split.

Superstar ADC Bae “Bang” Jun-sik returns to the team hoping to secure his first North American title. While there weren’t many shining lights for 100 Thieves in Spring, Bang held up to his former skill in spite of the split’s outcome. Sporting a 4.08 KDA and 9.5 CS a minute he still held on to a strong set of stats. Bringing his knowledge and ability to 100 Thieves with everyone working together could very easily create a team to be feared.

Last, but not least, Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black. Mr. MVP himself. In 2019 Spring, he had a pretty mediocre showing. With the team in shambles and in different books entirely, Aphromoo looked like a fish out of water. Nevertheless, he has shown in the past to be a MVP status player and can return to form very easily. If he wants to bring his team success, he needs to step up his performance from 2019 Spring without a doubt.

All On The Same Page

100 Thieves Spring Split 2019
Image Courtesy of 100 Thieves Twitter

Probably the most important thing for 100 Thieves to have down for Summer Split is their ability to be on the same page. Communication and shotcalling has to be on point and together this time around. During spring, miscommunication and lack of support plagued the Thieves all season. While they saw a few wins, almost all their losses stemmed from being unable to communicate and work as one.

The team has already made a few changes to gear towards a better future for shotcalling in both Amazing and Soligo but they can do more. The introduction of more coaching staff, the interaction between both Academy and LCS rosters and the aim to grow better with every game will help cultivate a much better environment for the Thieves to thrive.

If it all comes together, 100 Thieves will be a force to reckon with. Superstars in every role save for mid brings a sense of veteran status and will surely help uplift Soligo’s play. A strong voice from the jungle role in Amazing will help the team stick to the plan. With the support of Aphromoo in calls, the Thieves are aiming to steal the 2019 Summer Split right from under Team Liquid. That’s all in theory, though.

The Summer Split is right around the corner. Let’s see if 100 Thieves have what it takes to create a superstar team with their superstar players.


Featured Image Curtosey Of 100 Thieves Twitter

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