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League Of Legends: 100 Thieves Roster Changes Show Results

100 Thieves Roster

For a team that spent 100+ days losing nonstop, 100 Thieves roster changes have created a much needed pressure release for the organization. Previously, Max “Soligo” Soong and Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho occupied both mid lane and top lane. Early in the split, 100 Thieves opted to replace the two with Ryu “Ryu” Sang-wook and Aaron “FakeGod” Lee in their respective lanes. Moving from academy, both plays have created a different atmosphere for the Thieves. FakeGod, a pressure sponge and Ryu, a mastermind communicator, have created a starting point for 100 Thieves this Split.


100 Thieves Roster Changes

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Experience. Experience, experience, experience. Ssumday has held his own through the test of time as a player. Through KT Rolster Bullets, their later inceptions, Dignitas and 100 Thieves, Ssumday continues to show prowess for someone in the scene for nearly seven years. Despite that, he and 100 Thieves continued to show failure in the face of adversity. As good as player as Ssumday has shown himself to be in the past.

This Summer, Ssumday hasn’t exactly been the superstar everyone in the world has known him as before. On the Academy team, Ssumday has shown strengths and weaknesses as a top laner. His veteran experience continues to shine when mental is taken in to consideration. Along with that, he has shown he can carry when the time comes. In his last four games on the Academy team, they won three of them. Two of those wins, Ssumday showed great play and continued to impress. One of those wins, however, was his Rumble against FlyQuest Academy, he took a back seat on the team. Outside of zoning ultimates, he didn’t do much.

When compared against FakeGod, the clear advantage that Ssumday has is his veteran experience and mechanical skill. As high as people are on FakeGod and his skill, Ssumday has proven time and again he is worth the weight his name carries. Even with that being the case, 100 Thieves are winning without him. As a young player, FakeGod seems to fail to tilt mentally. Focused, game after game, mistake after mistake, he comes to team fights swinging and mentally sound. While he will continue to grow long term, if the import rule didn’t matter, surely 100 Thieves would see these wins with Ssumday and Ryu in for the team as well. Ryu, the linchpin for 100 Thieves, works FakeGod into the team perfectly.


100 Thieves Roster Changes
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In the case of Soligo and Ryu, Soligo has yet to prove himself both in Academy and on the LCS stage. As a player that 100 Thieves holds high hopes for, learning and bettering himself is the first thing he should be thinking about these days. Ryu’s ability to speak English so well on top of creating a better communication line for Bae “Bang” Jun-sik, makes him a sure fire pick for 100 Thieves and the main roster.

Moving from a coaching role during the Spring Split, Ryu has found his way once again back on the main roster as their mid laner. Much like the time he spent on it before, Ryu’s shotcalling and ability to roleplay has shown great success so far. While he may not be as mechanically strong as many of the mid laners currently in the LCS (most of them being imports), he makes up for it in his ability to shotcall and macro.

As a player, Ryu has clear advantages and disadvantages coming in to a game. He might behind in CS, he might not win his lane, but he’ll play whatever type of role they need him to. Not just that, he’ll also be able to clearly shotcall and direct his team to a win. Ryu won’t win 100 Thieves a lane easily, but he will create the foundation his team needs to succeed. Solgio will continue to ground as a player and with that, more stage time.


Many will agree that, as a player, FakeGod needs to continue to learn and grow in his newly acquired role. As a pressure sponge and mental mastermind, he’ll show promise whether he makes mistakes or not. Ssumday, if he can continue to return to his former carry self, will surely see stage time during the Summer Split. 100 Thieves have said it themselves, fans could see roster changes each week from here on out. If anything, Ryu will be the biggest main stay for the roster in the coming weeks. The abilities he brings to the table for the team outweigh the negatives far too strongly. 100 Thieves, currently sitting at a three game winning streak, will look to continue their success after Rift Rivals.


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