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League Of Legends: 100 Thieves Aim For Summer

100 Thieves Summer Split

With MSI in full swing, the Summer Split is quickly approaching us for the 2019 season. Despite that, we still have yet to see announcements for upcoming Summer Split roster changes. Though there’s still a lot of time to see announcements come through, it’s odd for a team in 100 Thieves position. Their first year was a blow out season, their second started out in the dirt. 100 Thieves’ Summer Split chances hang in limbo without any changes made so far.

Where’s My Mid?

100 Thieves dropped Choi “huhi” Jae-hyun from the roster soon after the Spring Split came to a close for the Thieves. Since then, the organization has stayed silent on any moves they’ve made at mid. The spring split didn’t look great for the Thieves throughout its span, both with and without huhi. Even though Max “Soligo” Soong eplaced Huhi for a few matches during the Spring Split, the team still seemed to lack cohesion in their play. That being the case, fans expect some sort of change at mid to bring the team together.

As of right now, 100 Thieves have been radio silent. While many of its players have been in Korea playing Korean solo queue, the team has yet to make a decision clear to fans. Soligo was in Korea alongside his teammates however, possibly pointing at a return to mid for the Summer Split to come. Fostering new talent can be great for the future, especially when doing it from the start. Soligo may be a great investment long term, a lack in massive changes will lead to what many will assume is yet another mediocre split to come.

Off-Season Is Over

In a recent tweet by Andy “AnDa” Hoang, it seems like 100 Thieves’ off-season time has come to an end. Summer 2019 starts off on June 1st, meaning 100 Thieves has about four weeks to scrim and prepare their team for summer.

In a recent excursion to Korea, Aaron “FakeGod” Lee, Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black, William “Stunt” Chen and Soligo aimed to climb the Korean competitive ladder. The trip seemed to go extremely well, each player accomplishing some type of goal they aimed for.

With their return to the US it seems like the organization is ready and willing to move forward with their current roster. AnDa’s tweet also hints at him being the current started for 100 Thieves this summer. Fans have been adamant of changes at both mid and jungle for this summer. Despite that, it seems that 100 Thieves and co have faith in the current makeup. As said before, announcements could still come right before Summer starts. If that happens, expect news in the next week or so in regards to their roster.

Can 100 Thieves Aim For The Top Again?

If any team crash and burned last season, it was 100 Thieves. In spectacular fashion, the team took a would-be super team and crashed it into the dirt. Stuff happens. Players don’t mesh well, a team isn’t on the same page and things change. That being said, the amount of talent 100 Thieves has in both Ssumday and Bang is tremendous. On top of that, Aphromoo in MVP form could bring this team back to glory. An in-form AnDa and a teamwork-heavy Soligo could be great benefits for the team’s future as well.

However, that is all wishful thinking. 100 Thieves have a tough road ahead and they have to buckle down and move forward with last split in mind. A loss is a loss, if the team can take that in stride they could still become a team worthy of praise. A cast of stars and veteran experience is the first cog in the machine. Coaching staff has its hands full in order to turn this split into a success, but it can be done. Stay tuned in summer to either see 100 Thieves explode back on to the scene or take a step back and sulk.


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