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LCS Week 3: 100 Thieves Loses Their Momentum to Both TSM and Golden Guardians

Many fans are upset, especially at 100 Thieves. The third week of the 2021 League Championship Series calls for an interesting and unexpected series of matches for 100 Thieves, as they beat Immortals, but lost against TSM and Golden Guardians.100T now sit at a 6W-L3 score putting them currently in second place alongside TSM and Dignitas.

100 Thieves had some unexpected and somewhat unorthodox team compositions and gameplays that relied heavily on the outside lanes. This worked well in their first match against Immortals, where the infamous FBI went a KDA of 8-1.

In their match against TSM this weekend, TSM seemed to have caught on to their tactics and won with both Lost and PowerOfEvil going a KDA of 6-0. This would not have been possible without TSM’s jungler Spica and his ability to help Lost and PowerOfEvil gain that huge lead. Huhi and FBI could not compete with their defensive duo choice consisting of Senna and Tahm.

In 100 Thieves’ game against the Golden Guardians, it was almost certain that 100 Thieves would win.100 Thieves fans are surely disappointed at the outcome of this match, as chaos crumbled down upon a 56-minute long game 100 Thieves refused to end. Bot lane duo Huhi and FBI chose the powerful duo Rell and Kai’sa yet still lost to Golden Guardians’ interesting bot lane composed of Sivir and Janna.

Golden Guardians’ team was built to defend during this match. The slow start proved to be successful for Golden Guardians when they kept the beginning and middle parts of the game steady until they began to win team fights. During the final stages of the game, Golden Guardians took a 5,000 gold lead and protected their hard-earned Infernal Soul along with not one, but two Baron buffs.

Although 100 Thieves managed to win some of the team fights against Golden Guardians and even steal an Elder Dragon at the final stages of the game, they lost the long, hard-fought battle at the 56-minute mark. Needless to say, 100 Thieves fans are still in shock.

As for players on 100 Thieves, Ssumday does what Ssumday does best and runs the games from the top lane while Huhi proves to find the best spots to engage in team fights. Will they continue to create unorthodox gameplays or will they try and stray away from high-risk, high-reward type gameplay? Hopefully next weekend will look a bit brighter than this week’s matches did, as 100 Thieves will be facing teams CLG, Team Dignitas, and the current contender not to be messed with, Cloud9.

Featured Image Courtesy of the LCS.

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