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LCS Recap: 100Thieves vs. Counter Logic Gaming

100 Thieves vs. Counter Logic Gaming Week 1 Day 1 Recap

The start of the Summer Split is finally here. 100Thieves faced off against Counter Logic Gaming, a team they’re known for having the advantage over. Against CLG, the Thieves have won four of the six total matches they’ve had. Nevertheless, both teams had a lot to prove in this matchup with their newest roster additions. For 100 Thieves, Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider has a lot of weight on his shoulders to help move his team in the right direction. For Counter Logic Gaming, Kim “Ruin” Hyeong-min aims to bring power back to the top side of their map.

Draft Phase

Picks and Bans was explosive as Yuumi, Riot’s newest champion, was picked three games into the Summer Split. A majority of the strongest picks in the meta, Aatrox, Sylas and Akali were banned. Counter Logic Gaming aimed for team fighting with their draft by picking the Kennen and Sejuani for the top half of the map. In turn, the lover’s duo in Xayah and Rakan were picked up by 100Thieves. The Thieves, much like Counter Logic Gaming, were aiming for strong team fights and powerful late game.

100 Thieves Start With A Struggle

The early game started pretty quietly. A gank early in the game by Amazing in the bot lane gained a free flash for 100Thieves. Despite that, a quick jog around the top side for Counter Logic Gaming gained them first blood. In exchange for both mid and top lane’s flashes, Amazing was caught out behind his 1st tier tower top side. Soon after, Raymond “Wiggily” Griffin found a clutch ultimate on Zaqueri “Aphromoo” Black.

Counter Logic Gaming hit 100Thieves hard from there on into the late game. Despite their changes to the roster, it seems like the Thieves have yet to figure out how to strike back after starting out from behind.

Rolling Over Late Game

From there the game began to spiral out of control. Counter Logic Gaming took a 5k gold lead by 20 minutes in. There wasn’t much action that mattered in the long run for the game’s conclusion. After seizing Baron and winning fight after fight, 100Thieves responded by rolling over. After taking Baron, the game ended in a snap. The Thieves gave up every structure and didn’t engage until the Nexus was exposed. For a team that said changes were coming, fans are surely upset after their day one performance.

A Disappointing Start

100Thieves finish day one of Summer Split 0-1. With a decisive win from Counter Logic Gaming, the team looks towards changes in play for the weeks to come. From a first glance, the Thieves once again lacked any real aggression against their opponents. If the players continue to look timid, 100Thieves fans have a lot to worry about coming later this Split. Whether this is another worrying trend or just the first game jitters is yet to be seen. Tomorrow, June 2nd, 100 Thieves and Optic Gaming face off to see if they can finish with decent footing.


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