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LCS Recap: 100 Thieves vs. FlyQuest

100 Thieves vs. FlyQuest

Hot off their second win in a row, 100 Thieves were on a tear heading in to their match against FlyQuest.
With a continued streak of poor play, FlyQuest looked like an opponent the Thieves could beat. While everything isn’t exactly fixed for 100 Thieves yet, they’ve already started their journey. If the team continues to grow, fans could see them replacing FlyQuest in the playoffs.

Draft Phase

As per the usual for just about every team, the Sona bot lane was banned yet again. Alongside Sona, strong flex picks in Irelia, Akali and Aatrox were banned out. 100 Thieves locked in their lover’s duo once again, trading for Sejuani. Sivir and Tahm Kench matched the 100 Thieves’ bot lane. Rounding off the draft phase, 100 Thieves finished their composition off with strong team fighting solo lanes. For FlyQuest, their team composition excelled at controlling team fights through crowd control and zoning.

FlyQuest Pull The Trigger Early

The first few moments of the game were rather quiet with a five point defense from both teams. Most lanes spent the early minutes of laning phase trading farm. Top lane, however, saw fighting rather early. After losing a trade against Camille, Aaron “FakeGod” Lee found himself in a Gank from Sejuani.

Securing first blood, FlyQuest visited the top side once again for a dive on FakeGod, securing their second kill of the game. With priority in the bot side of the map, FlyQuest found themselves a free Drake. Confused and split however, 100 Thieves found their first kill on Kim “Wadid” Bae-in, the FlyQuest support.

FlyQuest aimed to squash the Kennen top side, going back to the lane over and over for kill after kill. On the other side of the map, 100 Thieves finished off the first turret of the game. Swinging the gold to their side, 15 minutes in to the game 100 Thieves held a tiny, negligible, gold lead.

100 Thieves Force Their Way Forward

The game stalled from there until the 20 minute mark. The teams met in the bottom side river, trading Zaqueri “aphromoo” Black for Omran “V1per” Shoura, turning that pressure in to a sneaky Baron.

Using that Baron to their advantage, 100 Thieves picked up multiple towers all over the map and a 4k gold lead at 27 minutes. Sitting on an average lead and a single Drake, 100 Thieves traveled as a pack to secure vision and a started second Baron. Sadly, the team played a game of chicken that they would end up not winning, giving up two turrets and an inhibitor.

Finally, FlyQuest forced the Baron but lost a team fight, losing them a mid lane inhibitor for the trade.

V1per got a bit too aggressive, and 100 Thieves killed him and won team fight after team fight. Picking up Elder Drake and then Baron, the Thieves held the game in their hands. Pushing their way top and mid, 100 Thieves forced the team fight and finished off the game cleanly.

A Team With Nothing To Lose Is Dangerous

100 Thieves had their first 2-0 weekend in a very, very long time. The team still has a lot to get ahead of but they’ve set themselves in a solid starting point. Sitting at 3-5, 100 Thieves aim to reverse the tides for the second half of the split. With how well the team is working together and having an aggressive team, they continue to show promise heading in to Week 5. The league will be on standby for a week for Rift Rivals, giving the team even better chances at growth. With nothing to lose, 100 Thieves have quite the split ahead of them.

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