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LCS Recap: 100 Thieves vs. Echo Fox

100 Thieves vs. Echo Fox

100 Thieves have found themselves in a hole that’s almost impossible to escape. Sitting at 0-5 and in sole possession of last place, the Thieves faced off against Echo Fox. Echo Fox, coming into today at 1-4, were in a position to share last place with 100T if the Thieves could obtain their first win this Summer Split. In what was a grand showing against Golden Guardians, 100 Thieves have found a roster iteration they seem to like. With Ryu “Ryu” Sang-wook in Mid Lane, 100 Thieves seem to have found the linchpin for their first LCS win this Split.


Early on in the Draft, the Sona-Taric combo was immediately banned out by 100 Thieves. Alongside Sona, both Trundle and Aatrox, two strong picks, were banned out in the first phase. Two powerful flex picks were picked by each team, Sylas on Echo Fox and Irelia on 100 Thieves. Rounding out their drafts, both teams aimed to play through team fights front to back. With strong front lines and powerful solo laners, each team is empowered to create pressure in the side lanes depending on who takes an early lead first.

An Aggressive Start

The aggression started almost immediately for 100 Thieves as both teams hit the rift. Three minutes in, 100 Thieves found first blood against Colin “Solo” Earnest. Turning it right around, Solo found a solo kill against Aaron “FakeGod” Lee who was without any mana.

The action didn’t stop there, Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider found yet another kill in the bot side on the enemy Sivir. Holding a 2 to 1 kill advantage\, fighting broke out yet again top side in a top-jungle 2 on 2. What had initially started as a one for nothing was turned immediately. A roam from Zaqueri “aphromoo” Black granted them a trade kill. Both teams took to trading objectives on the map, Echo Fox taking an objective lead of three towers to zero.

A “Ninth Place” Finish

Around 19 minutes in to the match, 100 Thieves found a great pick on Apollo “Apollo” Price. This allowed the rest of the team to invade the enemy jungle and to pick up their first tower of the game. The game remained roughly the same up until both teams initiated on a team fight in the Mid Lane.

Though they lost the fight, the Thieves picked up yet another Dragon. However, the team was nearly aced and gave away a free Baron. Both teams continued to trade blow for blow, objective after objective and kill after kill. 30 minutes in to the game with the Baron respawning, Echo Fox continued to hold a 5k gold lead. Back and forth, yet again, the teams fought until a pivotal team fight in the mid lane. 100 Thieves absolutely decimated Echo Fox in a team fight and secured Baron immediately after.

For the first time in quite a long time (106 days to be exact), 100 Thieves took this lead and forced their way through the Echo Fox base to grab their first win of the Summer Split.


In a 106 day streak, 100 Thieves finally picked up their first win and created a starting point for the rest of the Summer Split. Though the game was messy and had many, many issues, the Thieves won. Instead of rolling over and conceding, the team continued to pressure and show aggression. Fight after fight, objective after objective, 100 Thieves took to the map with actual aggression and communication. For fans, a win is a win. The Thieves look to keep their hopes alive going in to Week 4 where they face off against FlyQuest and Cloud 9.

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