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3 Takeaways from 100 Thieves LCS Week 4

It is already the end of week four of the 2021 Spring LCS Season. That means teams are officially over halfway done with the season. 100 Thieves are sitting at 8-4 behind TSM (due to tiebreakers) in third place. Here are two takeaways from 100 Thieves’ matches this weekend.

1) A Solid Standpoint

100 Thieves continues to prove to be a steady team. This past week they won against CLG and Team Dignitas but lost to the ruthless Cloud9. 100 Thieves always seem to have good laning fazes and early gold leads. FBI has the highest gold share so far at 25.1 percent and usually continues to carry that lead into the late game. Although, in games like the one this week against Cloud9, they were doing more reacting than playing. The Thieves started off strong, but after their attempt to invade with the potential pick on Cloud9’s support, C9 hit a huge Seraphine ultimate and 100 Thieves played the rest of the game too safe. As for their games against CLG and Team Dignitas, they had a steady performance with teamfights that played in their favor.

100 Thieves have good macro-control, they take a lot of chances and punish mistakes from the opposing team, so fans hope to see them continue this in their upcoming matches. Next week, 100 Thieves are up against Golden Guardians, and then top teams TSM and Evil Geniuses. After their 2W-1L this weekend, it sets them up in a good position. Their loss against Cloud9 teaches them what they could have done better, and their wins boost their confidence as they head into the final games.

Image sourced from “Games of Legends eSports”


2) Confidence is Key

In a post-game interview with 100 Thieves jungler Closer, in response to being asked about other competing junglers he says “I think some of them are pretty cringe”. Karma hit him in the back. Although 100 Thieves lost against Cloud9, 100 Thieves fans must give credit where credit is due and that is to Cloud9’s jungler, Blaber. There have been so many times when Blaber flashes into situations that make viewers’ palms sweat. He always seems to win the fights he joins and does so confidently. Blaber proves to be a force not to be reconned with, especially in his game this week against 100 Thieves. Blaber’s Olaf paired with Vulcan’s Seraphine cut through 100 Thieves like butter. Blaber so far has the highest KDA with a 6.4 in the LCS. To put it simply, competing teams should never let Blaber play Olaf again.

The 100 Thieves loss is actually a good thing. This ensures they do not make the same mistakes they did against Cloud9. They had a strong early game but lost their momentum and confidence towards the end, so for future matches, they can focus on carrying their early lead to the finish line. This match also showed them how Cloud9 is playing this season, which is aggressive and strategical. If 100 Thieves is going to want to take their first place spot, they have got to start playing with more confidence. Hopefully from their two wins this weekend they will have a boost of confidence for their upcoming final games. The audience will hope to see 100 Thieves players work together more to take more chances initiating team fights and taking high risks for high rewards.


3) Ssumday Needs a Raise

Ssumday is 100 Thieves best player and has been one of the best top laner for years. Ssumday’s laning pressure helps 100 Thieves retrieve opportunities they could have never gotten without his help. In 100 Thieves match this weekend against CLG, Ssumday, playing his usual pick Renekton, led his team to victory. Although Ssumday played the main part in winning the game, they still don’t play a controlled game as a team. Every player seems to be playing their own game, so for future games, fans hope to see Ssumday carry less and players work more together to win a strategic battle. Closer also performed well in this game, but once again did not play specifically with the team.


In future games, if 100 Thieves start to work together more and take more initiatives together, they will win more games. The reason they can’t take these high risks is that they are playing too individually. 100Thieves fans hope to see a successful upcoming weekend, where they face TSM in the battle for second place. The only way they are going to beat a strong team like TSM is through a confident, team effort.

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