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100 Thieves League of Legends

100T LCS Qualifies For Playoffs

100T LCS

Despite the doubters, the thieves have only gone and done it.

The 100 Thieves Dynamic

100 Thieves have not been winning all their games this split in a clean fashion. In some games, the lack of experience and team chemistry was evident early in the split. After that, there were growing pains in the bot lane.

Sun “Cody Sun” Li-Yu and William “Stunt” Chen had differences in opinion on gameplay, which is not something unusual to hear. Many professionals, especially veterans, have their own view of the game. Accompanying that are their ideas on how the game should be played. Cody and Stunt are not your typical teammates, however.

Cody Sun and Stunt have been friends for quite some time, and even are roommates. Whether on Sun’s first or second stint on 100T, the two were close. Surely they view the game the same way, right? Perhaps the lane, at the very least? Incorrect.

As a result, the two had lots of struggles. Luckily, they are performing better than they have all split, but it’s still evident there is work to be done. While a win was secured on Saturday, the two have some conflicting ideas. Cody Sun flashed into three people while Stunt was walking away from the fight.

Although it ended up working out, the fight was much closer than it needed to be, and that kind of sloppiness won’t slide against prohibitive favorite Cloud9.

The Thieves’ season has been quite the rollercoaster, but they are surely at one of the highs today. Despite Søren “Bjergsen” Bjerg picking up a Pentakill, the team clawed back from a 10,000 gold deficit. If anything, the team can be happy about their heart and resilience.

With only last-place CLG to go, the Thieves are eyeing second place.


Featured image courtesy of 100 Thieves.

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