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100 Thieves Summer Split Preview: Week 7

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Off of yet another 2-0 weekend, 100 Thieves are riding high on an impossible 5-7 record heading in to Week 7. For the first time in quite some time, Week 6 went smoothly for the Thieves. Given their opponents, nothing less than an easy 2-0 would be accepted with their recent growth as a team. Looking forward, the team has quite a lot they can learn from their Week 6 performances.

An Easy 2-0 Brings Improvement

100 Thieves completed Week 6 with a solid 2-0 against Optic Gaming and Echo Fox. While the Echo Fox game was a clear and concise set of plays to finish the game out with relative ease, 100 Thieves had a bit of a hiccup against Optic Gaming. Earlier in the split, 100 Thieves and Optic Gaming faced off with the original starting roster for 100 Thieves. This time around, their newly founded roster posed a real problem for Optic Gaming.

Early on, 100 Thieves found a lead for their bot lane. Despite that lead, Optic Gaming held a large number of objectives in contrast to 100 Thieves. Down in towers and gold, 100 Thieves capitalized on small mistakes that Optic made and were gifted a free baron. One small hiccup later, Bae “Bang” Jun-sik was picked off for making a silly mistake. Nevertheless, from there on the team finished out the game with relative ease, continuing to abuse Optic’s mistakes.

Week 7 Matchups: Cloud9 & FlyQuest

Cloud 9 Victory
Courtesy of LoL Flickr

Week 7 will be a turning point for 100 Thieves as a squad. Their first matchup in Cloud9 will be a tough one. During the last meeting between these two teams, 100 Thieves squeaked out a win against Cloud9. Fans all across the spectrum claimed it was a freebie, Cloud9 messed up their draft. Many will hate to admit it, but 100 Thieves have yet another chance to close out a win against a top team this weekend. The gap between the two top laners could create quite a fuss for the Thieves, if the team can make cross map plays and focus on getting their bot lane ahead once more, chances can remain high for the team to pick up another win.

The second match of the weekend against FlyQuest is an oddball matchup for the squad. Winning three of their last four, some may say FlyQuest is currently starting to surge towards the end of the Split. Just three weeks ago, this same team lost a relatively awkward game against the Thieves. With the continued improvement the team has shown, FlyQuest should be an easy win for them in the long run.

Once again, top difference could spell disaster for 100 Thieves against FlyQuest. As Mark “TheeMarkZ” Zimmerman during The Dive’s latest episode, “You would think FlyQuest could play through top against their opponents. They just don’t play around top. They give him Riven and hope for him to carry on his island.” FlyQuest have failed to capitalize on playing through top before. If all else fails, just as they should against Cloud9, play through bot lane is their best bet as a squad.

A Turning Point For Playoffs

Currently, their last eight games have resulted in a 5-3 scoreline. In comparison, not a single team in the league has a better scoreline other than Team Liquid. The Thieves share their win-loss ratio with every other top team going by the last eight games. As the squad continues to improve week by week, teams should begin to worry heading in to the end of the regular season. Week 7 will be a pivotal for their potential playoff berth.

Will the team continue to surge or will they have their chances at playoffs snuffed out? Tune in Saturday, July 20 to catch 100 Thieves vs. Cloud9 at 5:00 PM EST.


Featured Image Courtesy Of LoL Flickr

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