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100 Thieves Summer Split Preview: Week 6

100 Thieves Week 6

With Week 6 on the horizon, 100 Thieves have a tough hill to climb going forward. With only three wins to their name, the Thieves have a potential playoff appearance in their sights. Though their record may be reflecting a rather mediocre team, 100 Thieves have shown a considerable amount of change in recent weeks. Now, with only a short amount of time left in the Summer Split, 100 Thieves have nothing to lose. Week 6 is their starting point for a potential playoff berth.

Matchup 1 Optic Gaming

100 Thieves Week 6
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In their first meeting during the Summer Split, 100 Thieves and Optic Gaming had a relatively awkward game. Not only did 100 Thieves hold their own during the match, the team still had both Max “Soligo” Soong and Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho on the starting roster. With this starting roster, the Thieves had yet to win a game in nearly three months. This time around, 100 Thieves hold both a win and relatively strong performance against two of the best teams in North America.

For their match against Optic Gaming, a win is far from set in stone for 100 Thieves. If the team can continue showing improvement and clean up their team fighting, 100 Thieves could be collecting another win for their record. While Optic Gaming have had a surprising Split so far, they are far from perfect. 100 Thieves, if they don’t begin to fall apart under the stress, have clear ways to win their match against Optic. Going through the bot lane with a roaming mid laner and jungler should do the trick. If anything, expect this match to be even closer than their last meeting.

Fans should expect 100 Thieves, if everything runs smoothly, to pick up another win for their future playoff chances.

Matchup 2 Echo Fox

The very first win 100 Thieves obtained in over 100 days was against Echo Fox in Week 3 this Summer. While the match looked extremely messy, 100 Thieves pulled through for the victory. Aaron “FakeGod” Lee, despite being given a lead, turned his lane into a bit of a risk for 100 Thieves. Colin “Solo” Earnest, Echo Fox’s top laner, rode free solo kills into free map pressure on Akali. Throughout the match, 100 Thieves were in losing situations across the map at times. In spite of those losing situations, key team fighting allowed for the Thieves to come back and get their first win in too long for the team’s liking.

100 Thieves Week 6
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This win is what skyrocketed 100 Thieves into going on a three win streak before losing to top teams here in the LCS. 100 Thieves have shown improvement across the board going in to Week 6. Those changes could make this match be much different this time around. Echo Fox, currently on two loss streak like 100 Thieves, have looked weaker heading in to the second round robin. After dropping their jungler and replacing him with Michael “MikeYeung” Yeung, Echo Fox look to hope for a change against the Thieves in Week 6.

If 100 Thieves have a plan in place, Echo Fox’s changes won’t matter long term. Maurice “Amazing” Stückenschneider should be able to use his veteran experience and good mental to force out a lead for himself. Amazing will most likely continue camping his bot lane in order to force advantages around the map through roaming. With 100 Thieves on the come up, Echo Fox have a lot to face going in to their match in Week 6.

An Easy 2-0 Week

100 Thieves have everything go for them right now. Even with the poor mistakes the team have been making during team fights, they have nothing to lose going in to their Week 6 matches. Whether they try something new or not, this should be their easiest week to 2-0 in coming weeks. Optic Gaming have had rough losses for the past three weeks. Echo Fox, despite jungler changes, don’t look very strong either. If 100 Thieves wants to continue their rise to a playoff berth, this week is pivotal.

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