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100 Thieves Summer Preview Week 8

100T LCS

Four matches remain in the season and 100 Thieves have everything on the line. Sitting in sixth at 6-8, it’s do or die with playoffs right around the corner. While 100 Thieves have been on an upswing (6-4 in their last ten), their competition is far from easy these last two weeks. After a 1-1 week and teams all aiming for the final spot in playoffs, 100 Thieves have quite a lot to reflect on from Week 7 heading in to Week 8.

A Promising 1-1 Week

100T LCS
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100 Thieves faced both Cloud9 and FlyQuest in Week 7 this Summer. Ending that week at 1-1, though not perfect, was very telling for the climb 100 Thieves have had from the start of the Split. Starting 0-4 through the first two weeks of play, 100 Thieves have turned the Split right around. Now, at 6-8, the Thieves have their future in their hands.

Their first match of Week 7 was a rough stomp in favor of Cloud9. Some may even say a stomp would be an understatement. Though clearly outmatched, Cloud9 played their way through both solo lanes to end their game in a surprisingly long 31 minutes. There wasn’t much about their loss that wasn’t clear cut. Cloud9’s mid-jungle synergy took over the map after an early set of kills and the game fell apart from there.

Luckily, their next match in Week 7 was a clinical showing from 100 Thieves. FlyQuest, who currently are placed behind 100 Thieves despite their playoff appearance last Split, were dismantled in quick fashion by 100 Thieves. In their short 28 minutes of play, 100 Thieves outclassed FlyQuest in nearly every role. While there were a few confusing mistakes that were clear accidents, 100 Thieves rotated across the map and as a squad like fans have never seen before. Their loss to Cloud9 was quickly made up for by a win against FlyQuest.

Week 8 Matchups Golden Guardians and Team SoloMid

100T LCS
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In Week 8, 100 Thieves have yet another chance to solidify a lead in the playoff race heading into the last week of play. Their first match of the weekend, Golden Guardians, has been sliding ever so silently down the standings. Tied, both teams look to break away from the three teams sharing sixth.

Golden Guardians continue to hold advantages over 100 Thieves in both mid and top lane. In the case of botlane however, fans of the Guardians can only hope that Yuri “Keith” Jew brings new life for the team. Worst case scenario, they look how they have in recent weeks and 100 Thieves aims to punish through bot and jungle.

In the case of Team SoloMid, a team that was once in contention for a playoff bye has fallen a bit behind in the standings. Sharing fourth alongside Optic Gaming, TSM has taken a downswing in recent weeks. While still sharing a similar scoreline to the top teams in the last ten games of play, TSM has looked like a shell of its former self.

If anything, 100 Thieves should continue to worry about going against talented top laners. A losing top lane could spell disaster if TSM uses it to their advantage. If, and that’s a big if, 100 Thieves can stabilize into the mid-game against TSM in the coming weekend of games, there could be a very thin silver lining for the Thieves.

100 Thieves Have A Possible 2-0 Ahead Of Them

They aren’t the strongest team nor are they the weakest. 100 Thieves sit in the middle of the pack with little time to make up for their bad start. If the team can clinch a 2-0 this weekend that immediately puts them ahead of Golden Guardians. Worst case scenario for TSM, 100 Thieves could end up tied with the team. With how the teams look now, anything could happen.

Tune in at 7PM EST for 100 Thieves vs. Golden Guardians.

Featured Image Courtesy Of LoL Flickr

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