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100 Thieves Preview: Week 7

With only 6 games and 3 weeks remaining, what does the future look like for 100 Thieves?

After another 1-1 week, 100 Thieves find themselves glued tight with the other playoff hopefuls. The playoff race has been highly contested all split long, and many teams still have a path to success. Only Cloud9, who have yet to lose a game all split, have locked in a playoff spot. While they are the only mathematical lock, Team Liquid looks to be back in form, even with Yiliang “Doublelift” Peng’s benching.

In what feels almost redundant, this week presents yet another opportunity for any of these teams to give themselves some breathing room. Will the teams finally split up by more than one game, or will they stay compact? 100 Thieves has some healthy competition to prove that they want it.

100 Thieves vs. Team Dignitas

100 Thieves Preview
Courtesy: Riot Games

Starting with Saturday’s match, 100 Thieves prepare to challenge Team Dignitas once more. The previous bout had 100T falling to Dignitas, but there is little to take away from it. This match featured the now-gutted Soraka Top, along with the “Juggernaut Olaf” LCK team composition. The match remained relatively even, but at 25 minutes the nature of Dig’s scaling took over. Both of these teams have had up and down weeks since then, and there is much to anticipate.

Which Johnsun are fans going to see? 

Johnson “Johnsun” Nguyen started the spring split off with a bang. Since then, however, he has come back down to earth. For Dignitas to win this time around, they won’t be able to do it through the draft, at least primarily. The bot lane will be the second most important lane to watch, only behind…

Top Lane Bloodbath?

It’s no secret that Heo “Huni” Seung-hoon is nowhere near the level of his prime at this current time. With that being said, Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho will most likely be in full control outside of some unusual jungle pathing. In their last face-off, Huni shied back onto Soraka, which all but surrendered the laning phase. With this “no-fight” strategy removed, Huni will most likely have to play a tank to minimize Ssumday’s pressure or challenge him in an actual top lane matchup. The latter doesn’t look too bright.

100 Thieves vs. Immortals

100 Thieves Preview
Courtesy of Inven Global

Sunday’s showmatch brings another familiar foe, as 100T once again try to avenge an earlier defeat. In their previous matchup, 100 Thieves almost stood and watched as Immortals decimated them. 100T showed no aggressiveness whatsoever, something that they have worked hard on these past few weeks. They’ll have their chance to show it on Sunday. Whether they play against Apollo “Apollo” Price, or Johnny “Altec” Ru is yet to be seen. Both AD carries have shown to be serviceable and either one would present a formidable opponent.

Is This The Week?

For the past month or two, people have been waiting for the LCS organizations to spread out in the standings. For the same amount of time, more than half of the lot still remains neck and neck with one another. Will any of the teams take advantage of this opportunity that has been given to them week after week? If history is of any indication, most likely not. With the tumultuous season coming to a close, it seems it may come down to the final week of play. There’s no better time for the Thieves to steal a pair of games and give themselves a nice cushion heading into the home stretch.

Featured image courtesy of r/100Thieves, u/lekxnsti.

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