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100 Thieves Esports League of Legends

100 Thieves: LCS Week 1 Preview

Bang - 100 Thieves ADC

On Saturday, June 1, the League Championship Series begins again with the start of its Summer Split. After what was an abysmal Spring Split for 100 Thieves, they’re aiming to get their way back to the top. Their first two matches of split happen to be against teams that found themselves in a very similar situation. Here’s a look at their first two matchups for LCS Week 1.

June 1st 100 Thieves vs. Counter Logic Gaming

Counter Logic Gaming struggled throughout the Spring Split to create a winning team with their previous lineup. Having some of the best up and coming talent in the LCS didn’t do much for them either. The team replaced Darshan in the top lane with Ruin, a player from the TCL. In The Turkish Championship League, Ruin showed great promise as a top laner. Previously playing with 1907 Fenerbahçe, he and his team made a run through the regular split. Finishing the split at 16-2, the team also won playoffs and made their way to MSI this year. Even with a prospect like Ruin on the team, they still have weaknesses to shore up elsewhere.

Their games have been up and down and have shown great strengths and weaknesses throughout their Spring matches. Great macro play to poor macro play, great micro play to poor micro play. If Counter Logic Gaming can show more consistency with their mostly returning roster, this matchup could come out one-sided for the Thieves.

100 Thieves making changes to their Jungle will without a doubt help them in this match. Having a veteran in the jungle to shotcall alongside Aphromoo should keep the team balanced and looking forward. With an entire spring to grown synergy, the Bang and Aphromoo bot lane should also be a factor against this team. Facing off against his previous ADC in Stixxay, if Bang and Aphromoo are in form this lane should be completed one sided for the Thieves.

Match-Up To Watch: Soligo vs. PowerOfEvil


Soligo, 100 Thieves Starting Mid Laner

One key factor that could turn this game on its head would be the mid lane matchup. As an untested mid laner in the LCS, Soligo will be going against Power Of Evil, a player with a storied past. Great mechanics and great macro could be the downfall of 100 Thieves if their team continues to find struggles in shotcalling. Soligo has shown promise and growth on the Academy team for 100 Thieves. Despite that, the few matches he played on the LCS stage didn’t show a lot to hope for as a fan. Against a player like PowerOfEvil, being so fresh to the LCS scene isn’t going to do you any favors.

Even after what was an extremely weak split from an organization like CLG, PowerOfEvil seems to have kept his shine. Either way, this matchup should be one of the more exciting ones for the starting weekend of the Summer Split.

June 2nd 100 Thieves vs. Optic Gaming

Optic had their 2019 Spring Split plagued with problems, including visa issues, poor play and mediocre wins. Despite landing ahead of the Thieves in rank, they didn’t look a whole lot better than the team. No changes were made during the off-season and hasn’t shown much investment in the off-season outside of posting stream links and the schedule for the split. Optic is a mystery, if they’re anything like they were last split.

Amazing, the newest addition to the 100 Thieves roster, is going to be the main focal point for this matchup. Having a vocal jungler going against either Dardoch or Meteos will aid the Thieves in gaining a win here. A huge issue however could be the untested Soligo going against Crown, one of the best mid laners in North America. If Soligo can hold on mid and Amazing pressure the map, fans could see a far different looking 100 Thieves than their performances in Spring.

Prediction: 100 Thieves Finish LCS Week 1 2-0

100 Thieves LCS Week 1
Courtesy of LoLesports

100 Thieves put a lot in to their off-season to prepare for the Summer Split. Introducing a new veteran to the team in Amazing, having Soligo start as their LCS mid laner and bootcamping in Korea illustrate just how devoted 100 Thieves is to work towards a better split. The organization has shown great faith in what they’ve built and if things go as expected, we’ll be seeing the Thieves grow in to the superstar team we expected from them during the Spring Split. 100 Thieves should be able to close out their first weekend this split with a clean 2-0 for LCS Week 1.


Featured Image Curtosey Of LoLesports

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