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100 Thieves LCS Recap: Week 5

100 Thieves LCS Recap

100 Thieves put an end to their losing streak just in time, keeping them in relative playoff contention.

100 Thieves LCS Recap
Courtesy of Riot Games

After a back and forth week 5 in the LCS, teams are still packed together, eagerly trying to distance themselves. With Mads “Broxah” Brock-Pedersen, Team Liquid still continues to falter, showing signs of real internal problems. Fans of Team Liquid aren’t saying “jg diff” anymore. 

As many LCS casters and analysts have said, the proverbial soup is still present. FlyQuest is rising, and TSM is trying to follow suit, as many others are itching to be included in the playoff-bound entree.

What about 100 Thieves?

100 Thieves vs. TSM

Result: L (3-6)

If the losing streak that had existed before this game wasn’t enough, this match against TSM was the dagger. 

Fans of 100T know that their team had the opportunity to win this game. Either getting picked off when clearing wards, pushing a side lane or some other task, this game was thrown on both sides.

While Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho did not play bad, he was put into a counter picked matchup. With this being the case, he was ineffective for most of the game and watched as the base fell.

People have been critical of the Thieves’ drafting but it isn’t as simple as it appears. They do have limitations most teams do not, of which are surely impacting their drafting sessions.

100 Thieves vs. Golden Guardians

Result: W (4-6)

Like a bandage to stop the bleeding, 100 Thieves finally end their skid with a win.

Courtesy of Golden Guardians

One cannot stress the importance of this match. Not only do 100 Thieves pick up a much-needed win to keep them close in the playoff race, but they secure a tiebreaker over GG. With the Guardians also trying to make a playoff push, the 2-0 record will prove of utmost importance in a 2-way tie.

This game was not only about Ssumday, but rather the team as a whole. While the Lucian did play outstanding, seeing 100T convert on correct macro play in the four-on-four was very promising.

Of course, 100 still find themselves tied for the last playoff spot. They are far from safe. The position they could’ve been in with a loss in this game? It’s probably best not to ponder on that.

100 Thieves’ Draft Handicap

Ssumday is arguably the best top laner in the LCS. Ryoma is arguably one of the worst. Something Coach Anthony “Zikz” Gray and 100 Thieves have to deal with that other teams do not, is running a tank in the top lane.

Courtesy of Kim Chan-ho

Of course, Ssumday is plenty capable of running a tank/bruiser champion. Some would even say he is best on them. 

Whatever the case may be, Ssumday is simply too good in comparison to the rest of the 100T roster to be put in a position where he must rely more on others than necessary.

In most of 100 Thieves’ wins, Chan-ho is seen carrying the game. In their most recent win, Kim’s top lane Lucian was the most dominant “top difference” game the league has seen the whole split.

With this being said, it’s simply not in 100T’s best interest to put their main source of winning on a scaling rock. As such, William “Stunt” Chen is constantly stuck on tanks, although he has made it known he prefers enchanter/mage style champions.

William “Meteos”  Hartman has also been put on Gragas numerous times this season, to fill certain discrepancies left by this style of drafting.

With no solution in sight, 100T needs to figure it out fast as they near the home stretch of the spring split.

100T face off against Evil Geniuses and Team Liquid in Week 6. 

Featured image courtesy of 100 Thieves.

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