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100 Thieves LCS Recap: Week 4

After much speculation, 100 Thieves ends week 4 with an identity. Is the label they have one they want?

Some of last week’s matches were very expected. Cloud9 is on a tear and the only ones who can stop them are themselves. Counter Logic Gaming has looked so abysmal this split there are rumors circling of a roster blowup.

Week 4 was definitely the answer some fans have been waiting for. While not final, the giant cluster of teams is beginning to spread out, and everything is beginning to fall into place.

100 Thieves LCS Recap
Courtesy of Riot Games

100 Thieves vs. Team Dignitas

Result: L (3-4)

At the very least, 100 Thieves did not look awful in this game. Kim “Ssumday” Chan-ho was given Sett again and looked average at best. William “Meteos” Hartman looked great on Lee Sin, unlike the stigma that has been attached to him for so long.

Again, one can’t help but wonder what 100 Thieves are thinking about during their draft phase. Sure, they grabbed up Sett, but they gave up two ridiculously contested picks. Soraka on patch 10.3 has been constantly banned, and yet they let it through.

If this wasn’t bad enough, they also gave over Ornn, another champion who is ridiculously strong and scales better than anyone else. Accompany that with giving over Olaf, and somehow letting Team Dignitas’ bot lane still get their hands on the popular Miss Fortune-Leona bot lane, and you’ve lost in champ select.


100 Thieves vs. FlyQuest

Result: L (3-5)

This was certainly not a sight for sore eyes. This game was very similar to the saying “bend but don’t break.” There’s just one difference: they broke. Hard. While Monday Night League may be something new for this split, the game itself looked like the 100 Thieves of old.

100 Thieves LCS Recap
Courtesy of FlyQuest

Looking at the game, 100T almost looked as if they did not want to be there. No one made any glaring mistakes, but no one did anything of importance. It’s as if the entire team decided to just relax and slowly bleed to death. 

The team showed no proactivity, urgency or decisiveness. 100T simply sat there and watched as their towers fell, drakes were taken, and eventually the exploding of their nexus.


Future for 100 Thieves

To be frank, 100 Thieves’ performance last week was not good, and it didn’t do any favors for their playoff hopes. Now sitting at tied for seventh, 100T sits in a bad spot. If they don’t perform this week, they might find themselves in a hole too deep to climb out of.

Going against TSM and Golden Guardians this coming weekend is not an easy task. Three weeks ago, pencil this in as an easy 2-0 week for the men in red. Looking at it today, it seems almost the opposite.

Golden Guardians are on an unexpected win streak, and TSM is right there next to them on the standings. Winning this week may not put the Thieves in a much different spot, but it’s more important they don’t lose. This team can simply not afford to drop any more games, as they are out of the playoffs already.

If 100 Thieves manage to pull off a victorious week, it’ll surely be their best heist of the split.



Featured image courtesy of 100 Thieves.

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