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100 Thieves 2021 LCS Summer Split Preview

100 Thieves LCS 2021 Summer Split

The summer has finally arrived and with it, the 2021 LCS Summer Split. Yet again the format of the Split has changed but this was already announced earlier this year. Teams will play 27 games or three games over nine weeks. This will be the first time the LCS has had more than 18 games in a long time. TGH will be taking this week to give fans a preview of their team to prepare them for what should be an exciting split. Here is a look at the 100 Thieves 2021 LCS Summer Split preview.

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100 Thieves Team Page

2021 Spring Review

Coming into the 2021 Spring Split, many expected 100 Thieves to challenge for a top-three spot. During the Lock In tournament and the first few weeks of the LCS, everything seemed to be going according to plan. Then 100 Thieves lost some steam and decided to move away from Damonte for ry0ma, a decision that many fans questioned as soon as it was made. After this, 100 Thieves were never the same. They still ended up in fourth overall but were clearly way behind the top three teams.

2021 Summer Split Roster

Top- Ssumday

Jng- Closer

Mid- Abbedagge

Bot- FBI

Sup- huhi

Coach- Reapered

Most of the 100 Thieves roster run it back again, this is for the exception of newcomer Abbedagge. He will be making his way over from Schalke 04 and the LEC to start in the mid lane. As it looks like the team is starting to sell off assets, they were surely able to get a pretty penny for Abbedagge. The Thieves were needing an upgrade in the mid lane pretty badly and Abbedagge certainly is that. He is a more controlled version of Jiizuke and while still aggressive he’s much less of a coin flip.

As for the rest of the team it seems like Closer, FBI and huhi have solidified themselves as top tier or at least top five players are their respective position. Ssumday, unfortunately, struggled last split which is odd considering this might be the best team, talent-wise, that he has ever played on. The hope will be that he is able to find his form again and help this team push for a chance at Worlds.

Another big and potentially underrated pickup is at the head coach position. Reapered was only out of the LCS for half a year and now he is back to lead 100 Thieves to the promised land. The former C9 coach is going to bring a lot of experience with him as someone who is willing to test the limits of drafting and overall strategy. It feels like he may be the perfect fit for this team.

100 Thieves 2021 Schedule

Checkout the schedule above for all of the games 100 Thieves will play this Summer. There are some tough weeks for them but mainly they get about one tough game a weekend.

Predicted Spring Placement: 4th

Potential Range for the Team: 1st-5th

If there is any team ready to challenge the big three of C9, TL and TSM, it is 100 Thieves. This was a similar situation last split but the addition of Abbedagge is a really big one. In truth, it is probably the biggest pickup of the LCS or LEC during this break. He will bring stability to a position that has lacked one for quite some time. There is no doubt that this squad will be hungry to show everyone that they are a team to be taken seriously.

When it comes to where they will finish, it is extremely tough to say. This is because it will depend on three major things. The first is how will the team adapt to new head coach, Reapered. He brings a very unique style and it may take some time for 100 Thieves to find their groove. Second, is getting used to playing with Abbedagge. He is a very different player than Damonte or ry0ma so he will definitely take a bit of time for the team to mesh with. Lastly, will Ssumday find his form again or is this the start of a decline for the former MVP candidate?

Because of these three key components, it will be a bit of a wait-and-see with 100 Thieves. If all three click then they have a chance to win the LCS considering the talent on this roster. If one or more of the piece struggle then they will fall behind the big three of the LCS once again and potentially miss out on Worlds 2021.

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