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100 Thieves Fluctuating Towards Playoffs – LCS Week 6 Recap

The battle for last place in North America went down without a hitch. Well, without a hitch if you mean both teams displayed the best of the worst here in the LCS. Tied at 3-7, 100 Thieves and Clutch Gaming battled for the first to escape last.

In a near dominant fashion, Clutch Gaming lead the match early thanks to mistake after mistake from the top side duo from 100 Thieves. Ssumday showcased Riven for the first time since Champions 2015 Summer and looked rather rusty. Huni countered well with the Karma top. Clutch shut down the top side of the map with little effort. From there, the game only snowballed further in Clutch’s favor off of a poorly taken fight at dragon that ended in the 100 Thieves bot and jungle lanes being cleaned quickly off the map.

Back to the top side of the map, kill after kill followed as Clutch continued their abuse up to the 20 minute mark. The battle stagnated for Clutch despite their 8k gold lead. 10 minutes of tower taking and only getting a single pick led 100 Thieves into their first and only needed pick for the game to flip on its head. Piglet, effectively Clutch’s only source of large damage, gets picked off mid lane and leads 100 Thieves to a easy ace and free Baron.

Much to no one’s surprise, the match falls apart from that moment on. With the gold lead erased, both teams played each ensuing team fight with messy mechanics and positioning. Two fights later, 100 Thieves win a messy team fight for an ace and a hard fought win stolen straight from Clutch Gaming’s grasp. Heading in to Day 2, 100 Thieves positioned themselves to start their run to a playoff position in the standings.

Attempting To Escape The Clump: 100 T V GGS

Ssumday - 100 Thieves Top Laner
Image Courtesy Of LoL Flickr

To say that 100 Thieves versus the Golden Guardians was the Ssumday show would be an understatement. Shaking off the rust from Day 1, Ssumday brought out the Riven for his second game in a row. Backed by a solid ganking jungler in Zac, the team showed a promising draft against GGS. While the game started off rough with a three-man dive bot, 100 Thieves stemmed the bleeding as best they could. While kills were traded all over the map, Ssumday made sure to continue dominating Hauntzer bot side.

In the typical 100 Thieves fashion, the game dragged on with towers falling all over the map. Picking off champion after champion, 100 Thieves found themselves positioned for the perfect Baron take. Also in 100 Thieves fashion, panic ensued when GGS started Elder while 100 Thieves took to Baron.

Cementing their loss, they turned from Baron to stop GGS from taking Elder to no avail. Not only were they nowhere near the dragon pit, there was a zero percent chance to steal. With that, Golden Guardians forced their way towards Baron and cut through it like butter. From there, their win was all but guaranteed now that the 5 dragon buffed team marched towards 100 Thieves’ Nexus. Just like that, 100 Thieves finish 1-1 for Week 6 in what was one of their most frustrating weeks to date.

Looking Forward To Week 7 and Playoffs

While they started their climb towards playoffs, this week was not one that 100 Thieves wanted to start with. 1-1 puts them at 4-8 and in a tie with Clutch Gaming and Echo Fox for 8th. Though they’re only a single game behind the rest of the clump at 4th place, they once again share last. Week 7 isn’t looking any better with them facing against 2nd and 3rd place Cloud9 and TSM.

While there’s still a chance for playoffs, 100 Thieves must win these games if they want to keep playoff homes alive. Their star studded cast is far from last place material, this is the perfect time to prove it. Looking up at the rest of the pack, 100 Thieves can clamber their way to the top in the sweaty trenches that is the bottom of the LCS.


Feature Image courtesy of LoL Esports Flickr.

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