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Rollbit Promo Code for March: How to Claim your Sign Up Bonus Today

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Rollbit Sports
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Rollbit Sports Bonus
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Rollbit Casino Bonus
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Last Updated on 22/02/2024
Fact checked by: Eric Bale

The Rollbit sign-up offer is perfect for those looking to familiarize themselves with the platform. Within the first 24 hours of your account being active, you’ll receive a 15% rakeback bonus every 30 minutes without needing to enter a code.

Once your account has been activated, you’ll be free to make your first deposit and begin scrolling through a stream of eligible games and markets. After 24 hours, you’ll find the Rollbit bonus is reduced from 15% to 5%. However, you’ll then have the option of unlocking further promotions to help you along the way.

Introduction to bonus offers - a great way to bolster your first online experience

Bonuses and promotions play a huge role in the selection process. Some platforms will provide you with a deposit match, no deposit bonus, free spins, a first bet offer, or a combination of the above to help you settle in.

Over at Rollbit, you’ll currently be able to make use of a 15% rakeback bonus without ever entering a Rollbit bonus code. The bonus runs for 24 hours, and rakeback is released every thirty minutes.

How to use the bonus - a closer look at the Rollbit welcome offer

The Rollbit sign-up offer provides all new users with the chance to add a 15% rakeback bonus to their account every thirty minutes. I found that the enhanced rakeback lasts for a full 24 hours, giving you a whole day of increased bonus action.

Unlike the Dafabet bonus, you won’t be expected to enter a bonus code or make a qualifying deposit to release the Rollbit welcome offer. Based on my latest Rollbit bonus review, you’ll simply need to be completely new to the site and be able to work your way through the registration form.

Once your account has been created, you can look to make a deposit using a range of different cryptocurrencies. If you are completely new to using crypto, you can always use fiat payment methods to make a purchase directly. With your account now funded, you can head to the online casino and begin finding your favorites.

Currently, Rollbit is home to over 4,000 casino games. I noticed that all of these titles contribute, meaning you don’t need to worry about contributing percentages, eligible titles, or other complex terms and conditions.

As you wager, you’ll start to build your rakeback bonus, which is based on the house edge. As noted, 15% rakeback will be unlocked every thirty minutes. Half of the rakeback will be redeemable instantly, with the other becoming available over the course of the next three days.

Top 5 expert tips to take advantage of the offer - getting the most out of the latest Rollbit sign-up offer

In this next section, I’ll aim to take your Rollbit bonus experience up a notch. I’ve pieced together these top tips in the hopes of making your time online even more worthwhile.

Register, redeem, and wager:

The latest Rollbit sign-up offer will automatically be added to your account. To get the most out of it, I would suggest registering as soon as you plan to play online. If you do it before to get yourself “ready”, you’ll end up eating into your available time.

Remember you have exactly 24 hours:

It is wise to make a note of when you join, too. You can then look back and see exactly how long you have left until the bonus expires. I’d hate for you to place your bets, only to find 5% rakeback is added instead of 15%.

Load up your favorite titles:

The Rollbit rakeback bonus is available for use across the full lobby. So, I would suggest focusing on games with a higher RTP or those that you simply enjoy playing.

Stay within your limits:

Following on from the above, I’d also suggest sticking within your limits while playing your favorite games. As there is no minimum limit attached to the bonus, you can freely deposit and join in at your own pace.

Log back in the next day:

50% of the Rollbit rakeback bonus will be added to your cash balance every thirty minutes. However, the remaining 50% will be added to your rewards calendar. Over the next three days, these funds will be released into your cash balance, so make sure that you keep logging back in to check.


Frequently asked questions about the bonus - discover all you need to know about the Rollbit sign-up offer

By now, you should be in a better position to judge whether this is the right welcome bonus for you. But for those of you with unanswered questions, this section should help you clear things up.

Will I need to enter a Rollbit promo code?

No. Currently, the Rollbit bonus is automatically applied to your account. As soon as you have registered, you’ll find that you have 24 hours to make the most of the 15% rakeback bonus.

Can I withdraw my bonus winnings?

As this bonus doesn’t give you bonus bets to play with, you won’t win money directly by using the bonus. You will, however, receive a 15% rakeback based on the house edge that can be used across the platform, or partially withdrawn, immediately.

How long do I have to make use of the Rollbit sign-up offer?

As I found while reviewing the Rhino promo, expiration dates are attached to the Rollbit welcome bonus. You will receive a full 24 hours to make the most of a 15% rakeback bonus before this percentage reverts back to the standard 5%.

How do I play through the Rollbit welcome bonus?

The Rollbit new customer offer doesn’t have playthrough requirements attached. Instead, you’ll receive half of your rakeback bonus immediately and the following half over the course of the next three days.

Are there any games deemed ineligible?

No. The Rollbit new customer offer is not restricted at all. So, you can head on over to the lobby, begin searching through over 4,000 games, and earn 15% rakeback on the house edge today.

Additional rewards & loyalty programs - Rakeback extends far beyond the Rollbit sign-up offer

As already touched upon, you’ll find that rakeback continues long beyond the sign-up stage. Although this doesn’t stay at 15% throughout your time online, you’ll still be able to pick up 5% of the house edge.

Alongside a rakeback bonus, you’ll be able to pick up plenty of additional perks as a returning player. I found that you could unlock daily and monthly rewards for buying an NFT, enter the Rollbit lottery, refer your friends using your unique bonus code, and become a VIP through the rewards program.

There is also a rather impressive daily race. Each day, you’ll find that you can win a portion of the $50,000 prize pool. First place lands a massive $10,000, with the following 49 players picking up their share. All you need to do is make sure that you deposit and wager on eligible games.

Rollbit Sports Bonus

Bonus Intro - purchase a Sportsbot and reap the rewards

Next up, I should take time to talk you through my experience with the latest Rollbit sign-up offer. As noted in my Rollbit review, a sports betting bonus is yet to be released, so you’ll have to make do with my experience with the Sportsbots.



Reality Test - pick out the right Sportsbot for you

To get things started, I needed to be a member of Rollbit. There was no need to enter a Rollbit promo code; however, I noted that I would need to make a purchase once I had found the right Sportsbot for me.

I clicked on the Manage Sportsbots section to help find what was available. Currently, you can purchase Sportsbots focused on all types of esports and sports markets. Each of these varied in price; however, they all provided me with a monthly bonus, daily bonus bets, and the chance to pick up a daily combo boost.

After selecting Sportsbot #2110 (Ice Hockey), it was time to begin wagering as normal. Over the course of the month my potential returns had increased based on the house edge, and I had also unlocked a sizable monthly bonus bet. Should I wish to use it in full, I could do so on any ice hockey markets. Alternatively, I found I could reduce my bonus by 50% and use it on all sports betting markets at Rollbit.

Every single day, I also had the chance to pick up a combo boost and a bonus bet. The bonus bet needed to be played through before I could unlock another. For combo boosts, I found enhanced odds across a range of ice hockey fixtures.

Bonus Withdrawal - consider the wagering requirements

As established, Rollbit doesn’t offer you a standard welcome bonus. So, the terms surrounding the bonus withdrawal will differ throughout the month. When making the most of your sportsbook combo boost, you’ll find that you don’t actually need to wager through anything. Instead, you can simply make the most of your enhanced odds while betting.

When it comes to individual bonus bets, you’ll find that wagering requirements depend on the size of each bonus. This playthrough requirement must be met before any withdrawals can take place.

Thanks to the inclusive nature of the Rollbit bonus, you’ll find that you can withdraw with minimal limits imposed. The same approach is taken with the monthly bonus; however, once you have used it, you will then find that it is locked for 30 days before you can take advantage of it again.

Pitfalls & what to avoid when claiming bonus - take your own preferences into account

The Sportsbots are a simple but unique concept that allow you to pick up a number of perks throughout the month. Although simple enough to understand, it is important to bear in mind that each bonus released will only be available for use on the sport associated with the Sportsbot.

For example, after buying Sportsbot #3966 (MMA), you’ll find that your bonuses are only eligible for use on mixed martial arts. For daily bonuses and combo boosts, this shouldn’t cause you many problems. However, when looking at the monthly bonus, you could lose up to 50% of your bonus if you decide to bet on alternative sports within that period.

Verdict on bonus - a unique and effective promotion for serious sports fans

It may have been a shame to hear that a Rollbit sign-up offer for the sportsbook wasn’t an option, but there is no doubt that the Sportsbots have more than made up for it. This NFT-based promotion allows you to pick up daily bonus bets and a combo boost alongside a larger bonus bet that is accumulated throughout the month. Remember that your purchased Sportsbot corresponds with a specific sport, meaning all bonuses will be eligible for use on one sport only – unless you don’t mind missing out on 50% of it at the end of each month.


Rollbit Casino Bonus

Bonus intro - automatically add a 15% rakeback bonus to your account

In this next section of my Rollbit bonus review it is time to put the Rollbit sign-up offer to the test. Although not your standard deposit match or no deposit promotion, this rakeback bonus continues to add 15% to your account for a full 24 hours.


Reality test - register and reap the rewards of rakeback

Unlike most top online casinos, Rollbit doesn’t expect you to enter a promotional code or make a qualifying deposit to get started. Instead, I found that I was simply required to work my way through the registration process.

This took less than five minutes, requiring some personal details, including my email address, username, and password. I could also have saved even more time by registering with my Steam, Twitch, or Metamask account.

Once registered, the 15% rakeback bonus was added to my account. Now, all that was required was to make a quick deposit and head on over to the casino lobby. While playing through my favorite games, I found that 15% of the house edge was added back into my account every thirty minutes. This lasted for 24 hours – of course, I wasn’t playing for the full duration.

The rakeback itself was split into two pots. The first 50% was added to my cash balance instantly, while the remaining 50% was added to my rewards calendar. The bonus within my rewards calendar was then released back into my account over the next three days. After the first 24 hours were up, my rakeback dropped back to the original 5%.

Rollbit bonus withdrawal - find 50% of your bonus ready to withdraw

I wasn’t required to play through the bonus in order to withdraw my bonus funds. However, as the bonus was split into two pots, I was required to wait until part of the bonus had been transferred out of the rewards calendar and into the cash balance.

Meanwhile, I could make a smaller withdrawal or play with the cash balance on days one, two, and three. Provided I met the minimum withdrawal limits or could cover the crypto gas fees, a withdrawal was soon possible.

Pitfalls and what to avoid when claiming the bonus - Consider when you join Rollbit

While putting the Rollbit rakeback bonus to the test, I didn’t stumble across any awful terms or complex requirements. As mentioned, the bonus is instantly added to your account, so you don’t even need to worry about entering a Rollbit promo code. All I would suggest is waiting to join until you plan to play. Because once the bonus is automatically released, your 24-hour countdown will begin.

Verdict - An impressive Rollbit sign-up offer that is ideal for casino fans

I was extremely impressed with the Rollbit rakeback bonus. There is no need to enter a promotional code, you won’t find any complex terms and conditions, and you’ll have a full 24-hours to make the most of an increased rakeback of 15%.

You can withdraw 50% of the bonus instantly, and you can get your hands on the rest over the course of the following three days. Just think ahead about the best time to join, as your 24 hours will begin as soon as your account has been made.


Overall Conclusion - a fantastic way to boost your first 24 hours online

Despite often being overlooked, a rakeback bonus of this caliber provides you with a great head start to your time online. Sure, you may not unlock a matched bonus straight from the off, but you will be able to unlock 15% of the house edge every thirty minutes for a full 24 hours.

There is no need to enter a Rollbit bonus code and your bonus will automatically be applied to your account. From here, all that is left is to make a deposit and begin enjoying the packed gaming portfolio. After 24 hours, you’ll find that rakeback drops to 5% and you can then begin to view additional promotions and make the most of the VIP program.

Rollbit Sign-up Offer FAQ

🕐 When does the Rollbit deposit bonus expire?

After you have successfully created your account, a countdown will begin. You will then have a full 24 hours to make the most of the 15% rakeback bonus.

🔑 Do I need to enter a Rollbit bonus code?

No. At the time of writing, you will not be expected to enter a Rollbit promo code to release the latest welcome offer. Once you have registered for an account, you’ll find that the bonus is automatically applied.

🎁 What ongoing Rollbit promotions can I unlock?

Rollbit is home to an extensive range of ongoing promotions, eligible for use on casino games and sports betting markets. You will find NFT-based offers, a Rollbit lottery, refer-a-friend scheme, and an impressive VIP program.

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Rollbit Sports
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  • Live betting and streaming
  • Competitive odds
Rollbit Sports Bonus
T&Cs apply, 21+
Rollbit Casino
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  • Huge casino portfolio
  • Impressive live casino
  • Fair limits throughout
Rollbit Casino Bonus
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