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Carnival Citi Review & Expert Rating For June 2024

Dig into Our Up-To-Date Carnival Citi Review for Social Casino: Is it legit and safe to play?

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Carnival Citi Social Casino
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Carnival Citi Social Casino Bonus
Get 10M Coins and Free SC5,000
T&Cs apply, 18+
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American Express
Last Updated on 13/06/2024
Fact checked by: Heather Williams

Our Carnival Citi review reveals a new sweepstakes casino brand approaching the peak of its powers, with new games added regularly and a welcome bonus worth 10,000,000 Gold Coins + 5000 Sweeps Chips available to all new sign-ups.

The question is – is Carnival Citi worth your time? That’s what we’ll be answering in our full review, including a look at the brand’s key pros and cons, mobile compatibility, and casino games library. We’ll also take you through Carnival Citi’s best bonuses and rewards, as well as the T&Cs, limits, and restrictions you need to watch out for.

carnival citi main
Carnival Citi: Pros & Cons
  • Excellent sign-up bonus
  • Nice game variety
  • E.TICKET raffle prizes available
  • VIP Access rewards program
  • Flexible banking options
  • Convoluted SC redemption process

Carnival Citi sign up bonus: What’s available?

While you can get the full lowdown on the Carnival Citi no deposit bonus as part of our full review, we couldn’t not mention the brand’s signature welcome bonus here. Because with 10,000,000 Gold Coins and 5000 Sweeps Chips available, this is definitely one sweepstakes casino sign-up deal that is worth your attention.

When you join Carnival Citi as a new player, you’ll receive a huge wedge of free loot in the form of the brand’s two virtual in-game currencies: Gold Coins (GC) and Sweeps Chips (SC). GC is what you’ll need to play games for fun at Carnival Citi, while SC can be redeemed for cash prizes.

10M GC + 5000 SC aren’t the only free coins up for grabs at Carnival Citi, either. From regular Carnival Citi promo code drops on Facebook and X to the brand’s excellent VIP Access rewards program – new and returning players alike can take advantage of a line-up of regular bonuses and promos to keep their free coin coffers nicely topped up.

Of course, we can’t mention Carnival Citi promos without dropping in a word on Lucky Draws. This raffle-style rewards system gives you the chance to win regular weekly and monthly prizes, with players receiving free “E.TICKETS” when they play 10,000 SC on qualifying games. It’s a unique setup and something we’ve not seen previously on other sweepstakes gaming platforms.

Is Carnival Citi available in the US?
It’s all good and well reading our Carnival Citi review and getting excited about the games, features, and rewards on offer, but is the site even available in your region?

The good news is that Carnival Citi enjoys excellent coverage across the US, being available in the majority of states with very few restrictions. However, we did spot a few exceptions in the brand’s T&Cs, so you’ll need to read these through carefully before you play.

According to our research, players in the following jurisdictions may not be able to enjoy full access to Carnival Citi in the US:

  • Florida
  • Georgia
  • Kentucky
  • Missouri
  • Nebraska
  • New York
  • North Carolina
  • Ohio
  • Pennsylvania
  • Rhode Island
  • Utah

In each of these regions, players are free to play games with Gold Coins but cannot use Sweeps Chips. Check the T&Cs and contact Carnival Citi customer support for advice if you’re unsure.

Carnival Citi
Buy Carnival Citi Coins

Our Carnival Citi review: Testing usability and performance

Carnival Citi is a peach of a sweepstakes casino. From the yellow and purple color scheme to the simple navigation and control – the brand has nailed the basics to ensure that its site is a pleasure to live with week in, week out.

The thing we like the most about the Carnival Citi site is the obvious emphasis placed on its games library. From the moment you land on the site, games are the first thing you see, so there’s nothing to distract you from finding your favorite slots, table games, video poker, and arcade titles.

For those new to playing sweepstakes casino games online, we think Carnival Citi should be an excellent option. There is nothing to confuse or detract from the casino gameplay experience here, and we appreciate the effort that the brand has gone to in laying out the nitty-gritty of “how does Carnival Citi work“ on its dedicated about page – something few other sweepstakes casinos go to the effort to do.

As for mobile/desktop play at Carnival Citi; the platform’s responsive site design ensures a clean, compromise-free experience on screens of all sizes. We’ll talk more about the mobile experience you can expect at Carnival Citi below.

Is Carnival Citi reliable on mobile?

If you’ve read our ClubWPT review, you’ll know that we set a great store by the mobile experience that sweepstakes casinos offer. So, how does Carnival Citi fare against rival brands when it comes to on-the-go gameplay?

The first thing to note is that our Carnival Citi review team couldn’t find a dedicated mobile app for the site, which is a bit of a bummer. While apps aren’t the be-all-and-end-all of smartphone casino gaming, they can bring some benefits to mobile players in the form of faster performance and app-exclusive promotions, so it is a shame that Carnival Citi doesn’t offer one.

With that said, the Carnival Citi site does run smooth and sweet on smartphone web browsers. We tested the site on both Safari and Google Chrome and on iOS and Android devices, and found no issues in terms of compatibility, performance, speed, or glitchiness. There’s also no difference between the desktop site and the mobile site from a features and game choice perspective, with full functionality available on screens of any size.

With all this in mind, we can’t mark Carnival Citi down too much for its lack of a dedicated mobile app. Sure, we’d like to see one added to app stores in the future, but for now, at least, the brand’s mobile site should appease the most ardent smartphone players.

Payments and banking in our Carnival Citi review

We know what you’re thinking: you thought playing games at Carnival Citi was free, right?

Don’t worry: it is. No purchase is necessary to enjoy the free casino games on offer here, with players not required to add payment details at any stage unless they wish to purchase Gold Coins or redeem Sweeps Chips on the site.

However, chances are high that you will want to exchange SC for cash prizes at some point – particularly given the number of different ways the site gives you to pick up more free Sweeps Chips. You may also wish to purchase GC packs, as doing so can help you to unlock access to the awesome Carnival Citi VIP rewards club.

With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at some of the need-to-knows of payments and banking at Carnival Citi.

What payment methods are available at Carnival Citi?
Carnival Citi takes a pretty flexible approach to payment and banking options. Players can choose from the likes of Visa, MasterCard, and AMEX debit/credit transactions, or they can opt to use an e-wallet service like Trustly, PayPal, or Venmo.

Are they any fees for payments or SC withdrawals at Carnival Citi?
Carnival Citi doesn’t mention any banking fees in its T&Cs, but you will need to check that your payment facility provider doesn’t impose its own charges for casino-related transactions. Note, too, that you might pay fees if you’re using a different currency besides USD.

How long does it take to redeem SC for cash at Carnival Citi?
Provided you’ve satisfied the minimum redemption and playthrough requirements of your Sweeps Chips, you can submit an exchange request and receive your cash prize within 2-5 days on average.

Note that you will need to collect a minimum of 100 SC and play each token at least 1x before submitting a redemption request.

American Express
+ 2

Excellent customer uncovered as part of our Carnival Citi review

When we said that Carnival Citi has nailed the basics of what a good sweepstakes casino should offer, we meant it. And this extends beyond simple design and usability, with the platform also acing its customer support offering.

That’s right – players can expect outstanding customer service at Carnival Citi, including a 24/7 live chat feature manned by actual people, not AI bots. We can’t begin to tell you what a rare find this kind of service now is on sweepstakes casino sites, and it’s one of the reasons why our Carnival Citi rating is so positive.

That’s not all, either. If you’d prefer to take a more traditional approach when contacting Carnival Citi customer support, you can do so via email or phone, too. Hell, you could even mail them a letter if you want, with the brand posting its full Florida address on its contact page – how’s that for transparency and accessibility?

Customer Service Carnival Citi
Available Languages: English
Email: [email protected]
Telephone: 1-786-772-1915

Is Carnival Citi a scam? Licensing and security reviewed

Whether you’re claiming the welcome bonus at Carnival Citi or using the latest ClubWPT promo code, one thing’s for certain: a little due diligence is needed to ensure you’re not inadvertently signing up with a scam site when playing free sweepstakes casino games online.

So, is Carnival legit? Absolutely! While the site doesn’t have a license, this isn’t actually required according to sweepstakes casino laws in the USA, so don’t be put off by the fact that you can’t find mention of one.

For your peace of mind, we took a deep dive into the origins of Carnival Citi, discovering that the site is owned and operated by Citi Media Tech, a Miami-based technology and entertainment company. The site’s T&Cs contain all the legalese and small print typical of a sweepstakes casino operator, so you can rest assured that this is a legitimate and reputable outfit.

As for security, Carnival Citi keeps things basic but reliable. SSL encryption pairs with two-factor authentication to help keep your account and data safe, while the company also takes a tough stance on VPN use – demonstrating that they care about their legal obligations and policies.

Alternative rewards and promos at Carnival Citi

Carnival Citi offers promos, rewards, and bonuses with near reckless abandon, giving players plenty of avenues down which to procure more free Gold Coins and Sweeps Chips. The brand’s welcome bonus is just the start, with our Carnival Citi review team uncovering countless other ways to claim rewards on the site as a new and returning player.

Despite being behind a payment gateway, Carnival Citi’s VIP Access rewards club is worth considering if you want to accrue more free coins each time you play games and redeem login bonuses on the site. You will need to purchase $29.99 worth of Gold Coins to qualify for VIP Access, but there are plenty of exclusive rewards and benefits on offer here.

Elsewhere, Carnival Citi’s “Lucky Draws” electronic raffle is a great way to pick up more prizes when you use 10,000 SC or more on qualifying games. We’d also seriously recommend following the brand on its social channels, where you can pick up exclusive promo codes that help you unlock more free coins on the site.

Excellent game variety on offer at Carnival Citi

We’ll be the first to concede that Carnival Citi doesn’t have the largest selection of sweepstakes casino games on the web. No matter, though, because there’s plenty of variety on offer here, including slots, table games, video poker, and arcade-style titles.

All in all, we counted around 200 or so games at Carnival Citi, all of which seem to come from the same developer, although we can’t quite figure out which studio is responsible for the platform’s games line-up. What we do though is that there is certainly no shortage of exclusive titles here, most of which we’ve never seen on like-for-like casino sites. Some of the favorites that stand out include Egyptian Cat, Mystic Queen, Legend Link, and 5 Hand American Blackjack.

Familiar free virtual coins to collect at Carnival Citi

Carnival Citi doesn’t stray too far from the path trodden by other sweepstakes casino brands, utilizing two free-to-collect virtual coins in place of real cash. Here, Gold Coins are used for just-for-fun action while Sweeps Chips are the brand’s answer to Sweepstakes Coins, which have a redeemable value of 1000 SC = $1.

As mentioned earlier in our Carnival Citi review, we were impressed by how many chances there are for players to score more free coins on the site. From winning games to redeeming bonuses advertised on social media, another clutch of free GC and SC will never feel too far out of reach here.

We like the look of Carnival Citi

Carnival Citi doesn’t exactly break the mould or do anything completely game-changing with its sweepstakes casino offering, but there are enough attributes and features here to pique our interest. Lucky Draw raffle prizes are certain to prove a popular perk for new and returning players, while we love the fact that the brand offers human live chat 24/7. Then, of course, there’s the whopping great welcome bonus worth 10,000,000 Gold Coins + 5000 SC, which is one of the biggest sign-up deals available on any sweepstakes casino site at the moment. If that doesn’t catch your eye, we don’t know what will.

Social Casino Bonus
Carnival Citi
Social Casino Bonus
Get 10M Coins and Free SC5,000
Welcome Bonus
T&Cs apply, 18+

Carnival Citi review FAQs

🎪 Is Carnival Citi reliable?

The jury’s still out on whether Carnival Citi is reliable, as the site has only been around for a few months. However, the signs are good, with excellent customer support and a high-performance website.

💰 Can you win real money at Carnival Citi?

Although Carnival Citi isn’t a real money online casino, it does give players the opportunity to exchange Sweeps Chips for cash prizes.

🇺🇸 Is Carnival Citi legal in the USA?

Yes, the site can be accessed legally in most parts of the USA, although there are some restrictions affecting places like Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Missouri, Nebraska, New York, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Utah.

Our Carnival Citi rating? Top marks!

Carnival Citi does lots of things very well, which is why we’re happy to recommend it as a sweepstakes casino that is worth considering. We love how simple the site is to navigate and use, with intuitive controls that ensure that even newbies will have an enjoyable experience here. Games are clearly a top priority, too, with the brand’s slots, tables, video poker, and arcade titles ready and waiting from the minute you hit the homepage.

Improvements-wise, we would say that the introduction of an app would go down a storm with smartphone players, although the mobile browser version does hold its own. The variety of games on offer could also be expanded slightly, though considering that the brand is relatively new, we hold out hope that it will continue to add more titles in the weeks and months ahead.

All in all, then, Carnival Citi is a very promising sweepstakes casino outfit indeed. And with 10M GC + 5000 SC available to all new players, we see no reason not to give this site a go.

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Carnival Citi Social Casino
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  • Excellent game variety
  • Exclusive titles
Carnival Citi Social Casino Bonus
Get 10M Coins and Free SC5,000
American Express
T&Cs apply, 18+
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