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When Does the New Hearthstone Expansion Come Out?

United in Stormwind Hearthstone

The new Hearthstone expansion, United in Stormwind, is just right around the corner. Debuting in just under a couple of weeks on August 3, Blizzard’s classic card game adds another surplus of new Alliance-themed cards featuring some new and exciting twists along the way. With so much new content coming on the heels of the popular Forged in the Barrens set, fans have much to be excited about for this new Hearthstone expansion.

Year of the Gryphon Continues

This is the second set in the Year of the Gryphon, following Forged in the Barrens and is currently available for pre-purchase. As the website points out, this set brings new things to the card table, including all new questlines, cards that can be traded for random ones in a player’s deck, and new weapons called “Profession Tools” that supposedly have special abilities linked to them. These will do things outside of attacking, which is sure to give classes who do not normally benefit from weapons something to get value out of.

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135 New Cards

Reportedly 135 new cards will be steadily released by Blizzard until the release date of August 3, giving players ample time to begin crafting strategies and making their best guess as to what the meta will shape into. These cards, and their release schedule, can be seen below and can be reached here. Several new cards can already be seen, giving players a glimpse into the new card effects like “Tradeable” and much more.

United in Stormwind cards

Don’t Forget About Battlegrounds!

In addition to all of the new cards and other exciting changes coming to United in Stormwind, Battlegrounds is also getting some rumored upgrades. While fans haven’t been shown what’s behind the curtain quite yet, all of the information should be posted to the Battlegrounds page linked to the new expansion. The Game Haus will continue to monitor this and report any new changes or releases.

There’s plenty more to keep an eye on as the year progresses with Hearthstone, with a to-be-named third set looming for what will likely be October or November. Stay tuned here at The Game Haus for more Hearthstone news and updates.



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