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Hearthstone Uldum Tavern Brawl Guide

With the newest adventure, Tomb of Terror, coming out soon, the newest Tavern Brawl leads into it. However, this Tavern Brawl isn’t the easiest thing to finish. Getting a sneak preview at the dual class, featuring Elise Starseeker as a Druid and a Priest class combo. Her mission is to defeat a minion from the League of E.V.I.L. and reassemble the League of Explorers. Afterwards they fight Dark Pharaoh Tekahn.


The arms dealer for the League of E.V.I.L.

Terraviss is a weapon-based enemy. Equipping a random weapon and then improving it with every turn. This can be incredibly hard to fight if it equips some of the more powerful weapons. However, the AI is not incredibly bright. They will often go for the face damage and not plan out their play.

Some of the things you will notice this enemy do is play cards in random order and not pay attention to the text of the cards. For example, if he equips Gorehowl, he will still attack your face if you do not have minions that have an impact on the board. He will attack minions that he must or that improve your minions in some way. So simply building big minions and trying to finish the battle as fast as possible will help a ton.

Terraviss is a Rogue and will use their combos to deal extra damage to you. So, taking out his minions, forcing him to go into fatigue and outlasting him might not be the best approach. The only way that you really benefit from this is if he gets the Cursed Blade. If he gets something like Frostmourne then the game is pretty much over since it has devastating power and high durability. The worst one for him to get is Twig of the World Tree, allowing him to easily get ten damage in over four turns and gain 10 mana after those four turns and using that mana to play all of his cards. RNG is a huge factor in this game since it all relies on what weapons he pulls.

Sir Finley Mrrgglton

Time to save Sir Finley once again.

This match is one of the more difficult ones throughout the entire adventure. Reminiscent of the old adventure from the League of Explorers, Sir Finley is trapped in the sand and monsters are everywhere. Every turn, one damage is shot at every minion and a new sand dune appears. As long as there is a sand dune on the field, Sir Finley is immune, and you cannot get him out of the sand. Every time a sand dune is destroyed, a minion appears. These minions can be as small as a Scarab Egg or as large as an Obsidian Destroyer.

One of the tricks to this fight is to find a balance between destroying the sand dunes and destroying the minions that it spawns. Once the balance has been struck, it is hard to lose the fight. Simply use your hero power only at first to even out the health of the dunes and then start using minions. The hard part comes when stronger minions are spawned in and deal heavy damage to you. Once they are out, Mass Hysteria will help not only clear them out, but the other sand dunes as well.

Dinotamer Brann

Out of all the beasts to tame, why dinosaurs?

This fight plays out similarly to how team fights go in other Tavern Brawls. Both sides work together to destroy a big enemy. And in this case, it’s King Krush, Untamed. King Krush has six damage and will attack randomly at the end of the turn. Brann will summon random dinosaurs to fight him and provide meat shields for himself. If they die, King Krush takes damage and Brann does not, so it is not entirely useless.

The best method for this fight is to use Zephyrse the Great. If King Krush is damaged already, then he will offer Execute, allowing for an easy win. However, if you don’t have him in the deck and don’t have any of the miracle cards, then you will simply have to survive until you can summon enough minions to make sure King Krush won’t slam into your health pool every turn.

Reno, the Relicologist

Come on Reno, be chill for like ten seconds.

This could be considered the easiest out of all the fights. This could be considered a normal game of Hearthstone with a small twist. Reno will fire his Gatling Wand at the beginning of every turn, and it fires randomly. Firing even at himself and his minions. The damage goes up by one every turn. He is a mage and will continue to play spells and minions and to get spell damage to deal more and more damage to you.

This fight is pretty easy, considering that you are playing a Priest and Druid hybrid class. Swarming the board and buffing them is easy. As well as resurrecting anything that died, and comboing with deathrattles and things like that can be extremely powerful. The only way to work around this fight is to keep minions on the board or to hold them and let Reno kill his own minions. The only risk this fight poses is the Gatling Wand powering up and getting full board wipes every turn and/or dealing a ton of direct damage to your health pool. Otherwise, attack with as much damage as you can and bring big minions down.

Dark Pharaoh Tekahn

From henchman to Dark Pharaoh, not a bad promotion.

The final fight of this Tavern Brawl. This fight is incredibly unique and can be challenging if your deck isn’t up to snuff. Tekahn has a passive ability that turns all the Lackeys into 4/4 and it can also generate a Lackey every turn. This all combined with a Warlock deck can be challenging, however, you have the League of Explorers with you, two treasures and any other cards you picked up along the way. So the constant fight against 4/4 Lackeys can be challenging, as long as you know what the possibilities are for what they do, you should be fine.

The tactic for this fight is to make sure to keep track of how many Lackeys Tekahn has and be familiar with what each one can do. For example, keeping your minions about three health and make sure his board is clear at all times. This way, Tekahn has a hard time buffing his minions or evolving them. And the reason for three health is so that the Kobold Lackey can’t kill your minions. The Lackeys are the biggest threats since they only cost one mana and have amazing abilities. They become even stronger considering they are 4/4 minions.

Now the AI doesn’t take this into account and considers that a two-mana minion is better than a one and will evolve the Lackeys. Thus, he will lose a ton of power from the stats alone, and sometimes even get worse abilities. The rest of the fight becomes a fight against a Warlock that doesn’t have card draw. The Lackeys can be incredibly intimidating at first but once they are dealt with this fight is incredibly easy.

The Reward

Beating the Tavern Brawl doesn’t yield any rewards. Playing the first fight gets you the Tavern Brawl Classic Pack reward and it also gives you the legendary quest for a Saviors of Uldum Pack. Beating the entire “dungeon” doesn’t give you anything. So simply playing will give you two packs to open up. This was a bit disappointing considering how hard some of the fights were. It would have been nice to be rewarded with a card back or something. But we will all just have to wait for the Tomb of Terror to be released on September 17.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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