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Top 5 Impactful Saviors of Uldum Cards

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Saviors of Uldum has been out for a while now and has given definitive data about the impact of its cards. The new Quests really shook up the meta hard, with the most popular deck archetypes being Quest decks. The top five most impactful Saviors of Uldum cards are those that have shaped the meta and influenced what currently sees play.

5. Murmy

During a time where there is a lack of good one mana minions, Murmy comes in as a solid option for turn Impactful Saviors of Uldum Cardsone. It functions very similarly to Mecharoo, but has synergy with the now popular Murloc decks for Shaman and Paladin. Also because it is reborn, it finds its way into Quest Paladin as well.

The most important part of this card is that when played on turn one it is almost guaranteed to leave a 1/1 behind on turn two. The stat line means it doesn’t trade well, but it is a great target for buffs from hand. It can be targeted by Toxfin for a poisonous minion, buffed by Murloc Warleader and can be consumed by Evil Genius.

Because Murmy is just generally annoying to remove, it’s still a decent minion to play when you have one mana leftover in later turns.

4. Mogu Fleshshaper

Impactful Saviors of Uldum Cards

Any time you can make a card worth more than zero mana cost zero mana, it’s going to be good. Mogu Fleshshaper has found its way into just about every type of Shaman deck due in part to this ability. Even if played for three mana, a 3/4 with Rush is a really good board control tool.

What really makes this card great is its synergies with Evolve cards. Most notably Mutate because it costs zero mana, Mogu Fleshshaper becomes a random eight mana minion after dealing three damage to an opposing minion.

This card has been instrumental in winning games with Shaman. The ability to cheat out an eight mana minion as early as turn three can win games as very few meta decks will have a direct answer. This is especially the case when you have a board around this minion.

3. Corrupt the Waters

Corrupt the Waters, the Shaman Quest, has formed the most popular deck archetype in the current meta. The ability to continually double Battlecry effects gives this deck a whole lot of tempo in the middle stages of the game.

There’s a solid core set of Battlecry minions right now, and that really got helped with Weaponized Wasp and Sandstorm Elemental. The deck only struggles against those that are really aggressive, as against anything slower it can do massive amounts of face damage in a single turn.

The deck also greatly benefits from the card number two on this top five. Questing Explorer advances its game plan in multiple ways, drawing a card and applying Quest progress.

2. Questing Explorer

Impactful Saviors of Uldum Cards

Quest Explorer has been a vital part of the vast majority of Quest decks. This card helps make up for the weakness of forgoing a card in the opening hand to play the Quest. The card sees play in Quest Hunter, Rogue, Paladin, Warlock and of course Shaman.

The normal options for neutral card draw at two mana are Novice Engineer and Loot Hoarder. Both of these cards have really bad stat lines. Questing Explorer provides a really solid body for trading as a 2/3 and draws a card; this by default makes it a great card.

Quest decks lack a lot of tempo because they forgo doing anything on turn one most of the time. Questing Explorer gives really solid game against aggressive decks while letting you search for more answers.

1. Zephrys the Great

Lastly is the card that has been the center of attention for this expansion. Zephrys the Great discovers a

Impactful Saviors of Uldum Cards

huge range of card that is likely perfect for your current game situation. The requirement for this card is that you have no duplicates in your deck, but even non-Highlander decks have found a good use for this card.

The card can feel really cheap in decks like Quest Druid and OTK Paladin, because both of these decks draw so much that Zeprhys is usually active relatively early in the game. Though for Highlander decks, this card alone has made playing them worthwhile.

In some cases it can be difficult to get the card that you actually want from this simply programmed card, but in other cases it can win the game. Some classes would love to get access to cards from other classes, and Zephrys enables these otherwise impossible cases to happen.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website. 

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