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Top 5 Cards in Rise of Shadows Meta

Top 5 Cards in Rise of Shadows Meta

Hearthstone has experienced a few cards that have simply been too strong for quite a while now. Mech is the most common tag among the top 5 cards in Rise of Shadows Meta. Specifically, the Magnetic mechanic has really ran away with the power level due to the ability to have huge swings and staying power on board.

5. Conjurer’s Calling

It’s quite incredible how a card as powerful as Conjurer’s Calling slots at number five on the list. This spell is a perfect example of how Twinspell can be too powerful of a mechanic. The card is a core piece of any Mage deck that gets played.Top 5 Cards in Rise of Shadows Meta

Having four copies of a spell that can spread the board wide with big minions seems like straight good value. It allows for great efficiency when played on a low health minion, effectively healing it to full health while generating something of similar value alongside it.

The most devastating combos of all is Conjurer’s Calling plus Mountain Giant. Summoning Grave Horrors can simply end the game versus aggressive decks. It also has the ability to target enemy minions like giant Magnetized Mechs and Edwin VanCleefs. This kills all of the momentum, summoning stats way less than half that of the original minion.

To put the icing on top, is the ability to receive double the benefit alongside Khadgar. Only Warriors have any chance of beating a board with four giant minions on it. With Rogue’s loss of vanish, the class just loses on the spot when that combo hits the board.

4. Omega Devastator

Top 5 Cards in Rise of Shadows Meta

Omega Devastator is the second class card to make the list, this time however its for Warrior. This card has proved to be one of the most versatile tools for any Warrior deck. It hits all of the right criteria for Warrior decks: Mech, Magnetic target, good stats and hard removal.

Playing a four mana 4/5 on turn four is very good tempo and competes as one of the best four mana minions of all time. It also sets up excellently for a turn five Zilliax. The threat of Zilliax landing on this guy forces a lot of decks with aggressive game plans to go out of their way to remove it.

All of these benefits don’t even go over the actual card text. It does 10 damage to a minion on turn 10 or later in the game. That’s really big, as most cards that are able to deal with large minions don’t allow you to put decent stats in play. They also usually spend all of your mana that turn, but Omega Devastator allows you to further develop all on the same turn.

3.  Zilliax

Zilliax reigned as the strongest neutral Legendary in the meta game up until very recently. Because of all of the different mechanics it has on the card, it is just plainly good. Yes it has the Mech tag, but all of the top Top 5 Cards in Rise of Shadows Metameta decks are running the cards even if they have zero other Mechs. Simply put, the card is stronger than what is desired from a balance perspective on a Legendary minion.

The card has rush for removal of smaller minions, and has Magnetic to deal with larger minions, or to push an additional three damage to face. Then after the damage is done, your hero heals for that amount. Healing cards are few and far between for most classes, and Zilliax provides it with no sacrifice.

A Zilliax played on an empty board on turn five can be considered a good play at times. If you are lacking a little life, it usually takes two trades to kill Zilliax thanks to its Divine Shield. This would mean an average direct healing of six, but even more indirect healing as at least three damage had to be spent on removing Zilliax.

2. Dr. Boom, Mad Genius

Top 5 Cards in Rise of Shadows Meta

Any card better than Zilliax has to be an overpowered card. Dr. Boom, Mad Genius is no exception to that as he has terrorized the meta since the start of the Year of the Dragon. Being a Warrior class card, and the second on this list, he is the leading reason for Warrior’s prevalence in the meta game.

First off, the tempo loss is not at all significant when playing Dr. Boom. He gives you seven armor for seven mana, and can be paired with Shield Slam to prevent incoming damage. Secondly, giving all of your Mechs Rush is an insane effect. It makes it extremely unlikely that your opponent will be able to keep a minion on board since all of your Mechs count as immediate removal.

Then to hammer home the value game plan, Dr. Boom’s Hero Powers are worth way more than a measly two mana. Being able to discover another Mech, gaining seven armor, summoning three 1/1s with rush, dealing one damage to all enemies, and dealing three damage are all very strong. Often times the Warrior will not have to expend cards out of their deck in order to remove an opponents board and will always be able to out-value them in the long run.

1. SN1P-SN4P

SN1P-SN4P comes as an add-on legendary in the middle of the expansion. This card is included in just as many decks as Zilliax and is an even better card. Fortunately, everyone was given a free Golden copy of this busted card.Top 5 Cards in Rise of Shadows Meta

What makes SN1P-SN4P so good is that the card is good at literally any point in the game. Turns three, six, and beyond will always be good turns to put SN1P-SN4P on the board. You can make one large minion with SN1P-SN4P’s Echo and Magnetic effects, or you can stick them all side by side to spread the board to beat a silence effect.

SN1P-SN4P is probably the absolute best minion for contesting and winning boards. For every three mana, you get 4/5 worth of stats. It’s also typically much easier to deal five damage at once than it is to do three, then one, then one again. For Mech decks that rely on the Magnetic mechanic to push damage, SN1P-SN4P nearly guarantees that something will be on board.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website. 

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