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Tomb of Terror Leaks

Thanks to some data mining, the adventure for Tombs of Terror has been shown in its entirety. We get to see the foes that we might come across, their powers, the heroes’ treasures and so much more. So, here’s a look at their powers. This won’t go into the details of the villains, saving the details of the story to avoid spoilers. As players choose which hero to play as, they will get to pick one of three hero powers and one of six treasures to start your adventure out with.

Each member of the League of Explorers brings with them a Relic and a soon to be member of the League of Explorers. The Trainees all start as Juniors. And after completing all four wings of the dungeon, they become professionals and get increased stats and abilities. These two are probably the most valuable and powerful out of everything that is available.


Let’s get this bad boy powered up.

The first member from the League of Explorers you get to play as. Reno Jackson is a Mage and Rogue combo. He will steal cards from his opponent and then gain spell damage to cast those devastating spells from other classes. He brings with him the Gatling Wand and a Jr. Tomb Raider.

The Gatling wand is a five mana spell that deals three damage to random enemies. It upgrades with every spell you cast in the game. So, this spell won’t be great at the start of the wings since you will have small decks and end games quickly. But if you can gain spells throughout the game, this becomes a devastating tool. Combo this with Yogg, and it becomes even stronger. Or even his Puzzle Box. The only risk is that there is no guarantee on getting them or any other spell through the dungeon run.

I feel like there is a Indiana Jones reference here.

The Jr. Tomb Diver is four mana 5/5 with the battlecry “if you played six secrets this game, your Hero Power becomes ‘Discover a Treasure.’” This is incredibly powerful if you have the secrets for it. If not, this is a good body on the board for only four mana. It fits very well with the theme of Reno stealing treasures and using them for his own personal gain. Once all four wings are done, she is upgraded to a four mana 7/7 with the battlecry “if you played three secrets this game, your Hero Power becomes ‘Discover a Treasure.’” This is gigantic body, easy battlecry to accomplish and all at a cheap mana cost. With the right deck, she could be active on turn four.





Mass Resurrection eat your heart out.

Up next is Elise. The Druid and Priest combo. She comes in bolstering the Staff of Renewal and a Jr. Navigator. She has the ability to buff up her minions as well as bringing them back from the dead. She has a toolkit of survivability, and no wonder since she survived Un’Goro with a bunch of kids. Maybe that’s how she convinced the parents to sign the field trip paper.

The Staff of Renewal is the ultimate tool of revival. This spell is a seven mana spell that reads “Resurrect seven friendly minions with the highest cost. Give them Taunt.” This is a massive effect, especially if you run cards Prophet Velen, Catrina Muerte or even Obsidian Statue. And that’s only three minions that could be resurrected. This spell refills your entire board with minions and gives them taunt to protect your life. This is by far one of the most powerful spells in existence. It becomes more and more obvious as to why these Relics will never be in regular play.

She doesn’t want out, she wants in.

The new recruit is a Jr.Navigator. She is a three mana 1/5 with the text “Whenever you target this minion with a spell, add two copies of the spell to your hand.” This is essentially Test Subject except way better. Instead of having to wait for her to die to get the spells back, it is an instant thing. Her only downside is that the spell has to target her. So spells like Blessing of Nature won’t do but Blessing of the Loa will work wonders. After the four wings are completed, she becomes a Sr. Navigator and changes from a 1/5 to a 2/10. The rest of her stats stay the same.





So does this mean King Krush has five brothers?

Brann is back and has taken notes from his brother Miroden and Magni. He now sports Hunter and Warrior in his arsenal. With hunter he gets powerful mechs and with warrior he gets even better mechs that can control the board like a champ. He is the only hero from the League of Explorers that doesn’t wield an unspeakably powerful weapon. Instead he brings in an Epic Egg and has his Jr. Excavator join him.

Brann’s Epic Egg is one of the deadliest tools in Brann’s arsenal. It is a six mana 0/5 with the ability “After this takes damage, summon King Krush.” This is a gigantic boost in damage and power when considering that he has access to cards like Warpath and Dyn-O-Matic. Every little piece of damage will give you a King Krush. This means that it’s possible to get out five King Krushes with the right combo.

Dwarf and mining seems right

The Jr. Excavator is a four mana 2/5 with the battlecry “Draw three cards. Any minions you draw cost two less.” This is essentially Masters Call but better. And this is another prime example as to why these guys won’t be usable cards anytime soon. They are far too powerful and would throw entire games out the window with their power level. Once all four wings are done, he becomes a Sr. Excavator, becoming a four mana 3/6 with the battlecry “Draw three cards. Any minions you draw cost five less.” This will enable all sorts of combos to go off effortlessly.




Sir Finley

The answer to “What does the Scales of Justice do?”

The ultimate amalgamation of all things Murloc. Sir Finley is a combo in Shaman elemental might and the holy power of a Paladin, all wrapped up in a very polite Murloc. Finley brings with him a Jr. Scout and the Scales of Justice. In a previous article, theories were made and then proven wrong. Very wrong. Kind of.

The Scales of Justice is a four mana spell that says “Transform all minions into 1/1 Murlocs. Fill your hand with random Murlocs that cost zero.” This is another powerful spell. Very similar to Plague of Murlocs except it extends to your hand with a bonus. This spell will fix most problems. No board and you want to try and burst through? Scales of Justice. Wall of taunt in the way? Scales of Justice. Need a way to stop a buffed up minion or one with a devastating deathrattle? Scales of Justice. This card is the answer to so many problems that could happen.

Why wasn’t he a Murloc?

The Jr. Scout starts as a three mana 4/4 with charge and windfury. So, a smaller Al’Akir and minus the divine shield. He also comes with the ability “At the end of your turn, deal four damage to a random enemy minion.” And this seems very Ragnaros. Does this guy have some elemental in his bloodline? Or is it just because he is a Shaman card? Oh well. Once all four wings are done, he becomes the Sr. Scout. A three mana 6/6. He still has his end of turn damage to minions except it is increased to six damage instead of three. He will be one of the most reliable burst damage available to Finley as well as being able to take out pesky minions that are in the way.



Best to Pick?

What an upgrade. And a possible betrayer of the League of E.V.I.L.?

Without looking at what is to come, Finely is most likely going to be the best bet when it comes to completing the four wings of the Tombs of Terror. Simply because his treasures come with answers to most situations. He also has the best Jr. card with him, with immediate effect that can take care of a lot of things on its own. He will most likely take players through all the wings and deal a good amount of damage to the Plague Lords and Tekhan, Plague Lord of Flame.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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