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The Best Minions of Each Tavern Tier in Hearthstone Battlegrounds

hearthstone battlegrounds tier list

Hearthstone’s newest mode, Battlegrounds, combines all the best aspects of the auto-chess genre with the Hearthstone card game engine. As such, a huge part of getting better at the game and executing solid combos is the understanding of which minions (cards assigned with a cost) are best at each tier.

To help attain that understanding, below are the minions this author has found to be the most effective at each Tavern Tier.

hearthstone battlegrounds tier list
Image Courtesy of Hearthstone

Tavern Tier 1: Micro Machine and Wrath Weaver

It’s important to be thinking about the mid and late-game even as soon as the first round of drafts. For this reason, the tier 1 minions that are the best of the bunch are the Micro Machine and Wrath Weaver. Each, more than any other card at tier 1, have the ability to end the game with 30+ attack, allowing them to be cards the player doesn’t feel like they need to sell in the mid-game. Keep an eye on these at the start of your next match.

hearthstone battlegrounds best cards
Image Courtesy of Hearthstone

Tavern Tier 2: Nightmare Amalgam and Gaint Rat

Tier 2 cards have much the same philosophy as those in tier 1 where the goal is good viability throughout a game and good scaling to later stages of the game. For this reason, Nightmare Amalgam is an especially powerful card that can sync with just about any Battlecry buff, allowing it to be the centerpiece of any composition in the late-game. However, Giant Rat also gets considered here due to its necessity in the Pack Leader Beast composition.

hearthstone battlegrounds best minions
Image Courtesy of Hearthstone

Tavern Tier 3: Pack Leader, Shifter Zerus and Replicating Menace

Tier 3 cards represent the beginning of the mid-game, where strategies start to form and teams start to get truly deadly. That’s where Pack Leader and Replicating Menace, for Beast and Mech comps respectively, are strong pickups. Each can set a team up for a solid transition to late-game cards.

This author also sees Shifter Zerus as an interesting proposition if it’s in the tavern early. Late-game, it’s not the most powerful, but the chance at landing a tier 5 or tier 6 in the mid-game makes it a top tier 3 pickup.

hearthstone battlegrounds cards
Image Courtesy of Hearthstone

Tavern Tier 4: Junkbot, Toxfin and Annoy-o-Module

Tier 4 is a unique tier in the game that seems to be more oriented around buffing current minions than getting new ones to replace them. For this reason, Magentic mechs like Annoy-o-Module and Battlecry minions like Toxfin are ideal pickups. Alongside these options, however, there are minions like Junkbot that can powerful on their own, even into the late-game.

Overall, use tier 4 to buff and prepare to scale up in tier 5 and 6.

hearthstone battlegrounds minions
Image Courtesy of Hearthstone

Tavern Tier 5: Mal’Ganis and Goldrinn, the Great Wolf

Tier 5 are heavy hitters that can be all a player needs to finish their composition. A great example of this is Goldrinn, the Great Wolf. This minion is perfect for getting that last buff on Beasts heading into the last rounds of a match. In the same vein, although Demons are a bit less strong overall, Mal’Ganis is a great unit to help bolster them late-game and is also a strong unit on his own.

hearthstone battlegrounds
Image Courtesy of Hearthstone

Tavern Tier 6: Foe Reaper 4000 and Zapp Slywick

These are sometimes rarely seen in-game due to either a player being eliminated early or a player’s team already being set by the time tier 6 enters play. Even with this being the case oftentimes, there are still units in tier 6 that should absolutely be considered. Chief among these are Foe Reaper 4000 and Zapp Slywick who both achieve the same goal, clearing out fodder. Due to the Windfury and damaging the minions next to the targeted minion, each of these units can help clear out weaker targets. While Zapp suffers from not belonging to a clan, Foe Reaper 4000 can be the perfect addition to a Mech team in the last rounds.

Overall, these minions are the best in each tier, according to this author, due to their strength in strong compositions and when compared to their counterparts at the same tier. Battlegrounds is full of minions that can be used in a variety of situations, so it’s important to know what’s best but also to be malleable to use other cards as well.


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