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Saviors of Uldum Quests From Best to Worst

Saviors of Uldum Quests

Saviors of Uldum Quests all provide a hero power reward, with some being much better than others. This is much like past Quests, though it feels like all Quests should be playable considering their Legendary status. You sacrifice a card in the ddeck, and a card in your opening hand in order to play them. We get a preview of what classes are getting the best Saviors of Uldum Quests, soon time will tell how well they perform.

The Good

Saviors of Uldum Quests

Rogue’s Quest, Bazaar Burglary, seems great on paper. The goal for Quest completion is to add four cards from another class to your hand. This is quite easy to complete especially with the new Clever Disguise and Bazaar Mugger. Then the Quest reward turns your hero power into a 3/2 weapon that has Immune while attacking. Immunity while attacking made Shadowblade great while it had its time in the meta, so this Quest should provide a great tool for Tempo Rogues.

Shaman’s Quest, Corrupt the Waters, synergizes well with all of Shaman’s great Battlecry minions. The Quest requirement is to play six Battlecry minions, a simple feat for any Shaman deck. Then the Quest reward hero power gives the rest of your Battlecry cards double the effect of their Battlecries. This is just great value, and would work well especially in decks running Shudderwock.

Priest’s Quest, Activate the Obelisk, might be one of the tools Priest needs to get back into the meta. It has a simple Quest completion task of restoring 15 health. When you accomplish that, your new hero power heals for three rather than two, and if you target a minion, you also give it an additional +3/+3. This is quite strong, especially late in the game as every minion you play can be a big threat.

Questionable Playability

Paladin’s Quest, Making Mummies, has a pretty solid Quest reward. The problem is the Quest requirement. You need to play five Reborn minions, and most Reborn minions don’t look to good. Though when the Quest is completed, your Hero Power summons a 2/2 copy of a friendly minion. This works quite well on Reborn and Deathrattle minions, but it might not be worth while to run the Quest for this effect.

Saviors of Uldum QuestsDruid’s Quest, Untapped Potential, is another Quest that plays for value. You have to end four turns with unspent mana to complete the Quest. The Quest reward is a passive hero power that makes all of your Choose One cards have their effects combined. It’s great that you don’t have to spend mana on the hero power, as you did that by sacrificing mana in previous turns.

It doesn’t really matter when you complete the Quest, so delaying the Quest completion to survive the early game might make the Quest more viable. Overall, Choose One cards don’t become insane with their effects combined, but it’s a nice stat boost.

Mage’s Quest, Raid the Sky Temple, adds more Spells to a Casino Mage type deck. In order to complete the Quest, 10 spells must be played. Cyclone Mage has no problem completing that Quest, but probably doesn’t want to sacrifice a card in the opening hand for the Quest. The new hero power allows you to add a random Mage Spell to your hand, but random Spells aren’t always very good.

Too Slow or Simply Not Enough

Saviors of Uldum Quests

Hunter’s Quest, Unseal the Vault, doesn’t seem to be too good in all regards. First of all, in order to complete the Quest one must Summon 20 minions. That’s going to take any deck a long time to finish. Then the Quest reward is a hero power that gives all of your friendly minions on board plus two attack. That gets no value without any minions, and is often times irrelevant on the turn a minion is played. This Quest just doesn’t seem good enough.

Warlock’s Quest, Supreme Archaeology, is another slow Quest to complete. This time, you have to draw 20 cards to complete the Quest. That’s going to take quite a lot of turns, but the reward you get is much better than the Hunter Quest. Your hero power becomes draw a card without losing health, and that card also costs zero mana. Just by the time you reach that point in the game, the powerful effect might be coming too late.

Lastly is the Warrior Quest, Hack the System. This Quest isn’t too bad overall. You have to attack five times with your Hero to complete the Quest, which is not too difficult to complete. The Quest reward is a hero power that summons a 4/3, and the hero power refreshes after you attack with your Hero. This generates some nice tempo on board, but the biggest problem is that it’s still worse than Dr. Boom, Mad Genius. There’s no reason to run any Saviors of Uldum Quests when you have a simply overpowered Hero card in your deck.


Images courtesy Blizzard Entertainment via their official website. 

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