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Return of the Old Gods

With the ending of Doom in the Tomb coming up, players can begin to speculate on what the next set will be. However, with all the hints that were dropped. It is a little hard to guess though because of all the possibilities.

Return of the Old Gods

Hail to the Old Gods

With the ending of the Tombs of Terror, Tekahan uses a card called The Final Plague?! With this card, he summons all four of the Old Gods. This might imply that the next set might be a return of the Old Gods. Especially when he dies, he says that the final plague will be released. This is also supported in World of Warcraft, since N’zoth is causing problems and becoming the newest raid boss.

This also might imply that instead of Old Gods, players will get a stronger creature. The Old Gods, in the lore of World of Warcraft, were ripped from a larger being known as the Void Lords that seek the destruction of Azuroth. So, it would be in theme that the Final Plague would be the ultimate destruction of the planet, instead of just the destruction of a city.

Return to the Wild

Cards Returning to Standard
The ultimate insect killer

The other theory is that with the Doom in the Tomb event symbolizes a return of cards that were in pervious sets that have been put into the Hall of Fame. Similar to how Doom in the Tomb released cards like Ragnaros and other powerful minions. Perhaps the new set will re-release cards so that players won’t have to craft all the ones they would use.

With a release of a set that brings back some cards would be understandable. Rise of Shadows and Saviors of Uldum all have cards that pay homage to cards of old. Cards like Omega Devastator or Frighten Flunky. So perhaps the next set will have re-imagined cards of old, similar how they made a new Ragnaros with Whispers of the Old Gods.


Something Completely Different.

Blizzard has been known to drop false hints. For example, at Blizzcon, Echo was introduced for Overwatch but wasn’t released. Instead, we got Ashe. So perhaps Rafaam and his League of E.V.I.L. have a plan that hasn’t even been shown yet. At the end of Tomb of Terrors, Rafaam even said he got what he wanted, so who knows what that would be.


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