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Primordial Glyph Isn’t That Strong. Right?

With dozens of highlight reels showing off the perfect timing of Primordial Glyph, we often think that it’s an overpowered card. But is it as good as it’s made out to be? Here’s why drawing this card is always a game changer:

Other Discover Cards

Let’s first compare Primordial Glyph card to some other class specific discover cards in Hearthstone.


The drawback here is that your card pool size is very small, and paladin secrets, while very useful, are usually never game changing and can be easily played around.

Shadow Visions

This is the closest in comparison because it allows you to discover spell cards from your class. However, Shadow Visions can only find cards that are left in your deck, and it does not give you the discount in price afterwards.


This card lets you discover a card from your opponent’s class. The problem is that you never know what class your opponent will be playing, so you discover a massive variance of cards.

When looking at other class cards that have similar effects, I can’t help but think, “I would rather just have Primordial Glyph.”

No Risk, All Reward

When you play Primordial Glyph, the worst thing that can happen is you don’t get the exact card you wanted, so you have to settle with a lesser option from a pool of almost always useful spells. This alone wouldn’t be too powerful, but what really pushes this card over the top is the fact that you get a discount. You effectively never lose your mana curve and sometimes can play cards earlier than intended, like a Flamestrike on turn five.


The pool of cards Primordial Glyph can discover is amazing because many cards will be able to deliver the same answer you’re looking for. Need an AOE? There are six great cards for you. Do you need to stall the board a few more turns? There are five cards that can freeze the board. Did you have a specific card in mind that wins you the game right now? That’s great because there is a 10 percent chance you’ll find it, not to mention the fact that you may be able to spin the wheel of randomness one more time to find that Pyroblast to close out the game and keep me from ranking up. #neverlucky


Does this card need a nerf?

The card fits into every Mage deck and you’ll never wish you didn’t have it in your hand. I think even if Primordial Glyph cost three mana instead of two, we would still see it played, but not nearly as popular. This change would still allow players to benefit from the card, but not allow them to keep cycling through for the exact card they are looking for. That all being said, I do not think this card needs to be or will be nerfed. It’s a strong card that will shape the meta, but it certainly will never control it.


Title art by Matthew O’Connor.

Courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via

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