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Murloc Paladin Deck Spotlight

Murloc Paladin

With Saviors of Uldum now well under way, Murloc Paladin has emerged as one of the winning archetypes. Thanks to the specific combo of Prismatic Lens into Tip the Scales, this deck can create a huge board in a stage of the game where most decks don’t have an answer. The deck is pretty straight forward aggro outside of this seemingly overpowered combo.

Card Inclusions

The vast majority of the deck is obviously going to be Murlocs so you have minions that come off of Tip the Scales. The Paladin class itself only has a single Murloc which actually doesn’t synergize very well with the deck, so its comprised mostly of neutral Murlocs.Murloc Paladin

The best Murlocs are Murloc tidecaller, the new Murmy, Coldlight Seer, and Murloc Warleader. These are the cards you want to see in the first few turns before you can play Prismatic Lens.

The core combo of this deck is playing Prismatic Lens which draws Tip the Scales, making the Spell really cheap since it trades mana cost with a Murloc. Then on turn five or so, you can have a full board of Murlocs, hopefully pulling out a Warleader or two.

The popular decks are also running Leeroy Jenkins. He is just a perfect aggro finisher card. They also slot in Sir Finley of the Sands, Zeprhys the Great and Chef Nomi. All of these seem quite unusual at first glance. Though it makes a little more sense when you consider you pull out literally 14 cards from your deck with both Tip the Scales.

Zephrys and Sir Finley can give that extra bit of push after you run out of gas. It would be not a good idea to run Nomi though, as he reflects quite a low win rate. This is because he is bad at all points in the game until you run out of cards. Then you are still in an unfavorable position, as in most match ups that last that long the opponent will have an answer.

Matchups and Mulligans

Murloc PaladinThe mulligan phase for this deck is quite simple as it is the same across all matchups. You are looking for Prismatic Lens always. It is your key card to winning in any match up. Even if you need cards to get on board in the first couple turns, odds are you are going to get playable cards to contest.

As long as you get an early Tip the Scales, you put yourself into a favorable position to win. The only real threat to your deck is control of any kind. The most popular of these is of course Control Warrior. Your best chance of winning is going for Tip the Scales and hoping they don’t have the Brawl. If somehow your board sticks, you may just win the game.

A couple of other difficult matchups are Zoolock and Big Spell Mage. Versus Zoolock you want to actually mulligan for the early Murlocs to try to get the swarm going early and hope to curve into Prismatic Lens. The Mage matchup is very similar to the Warrior one, just hope an early Tip the Scales gets you through. Other than that, all the matchups are mostly the same.

How to Play With or Against

Playing with the deck is much like any other Murloc deck to have existed. You play your Murlocs on curve. Murloc PaladinPreferably in a order like Murloc Tidecaller into Tidehunter into Coldlight Seer. If you’re lucky you get an Underbelly Angler off of Fishflinger and win the game through that value.

This makes playing against the deck rather straight forward as well. Keep the opponent off the board so they don’t get any value off of attack or health buffs. Also have an answer for when they play Tip the Scales, or just be so far ahead that it is not enough to comeback.

Overall, this deck feasts on a lot of those new archetype decks players tend to experiment with. It plays fast, does damage, and hits hard. Simply playing for value is not going to beat an aggro deck like this. You can grab some easy ranks for the most part, but may struggle at the higher ranks where Control Warrior is commonplace. We hope this helps you prepare to play or beat Murloc Paladin.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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