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Meta Changing 3 Mana Cards in Saviors of Uldum

3 Mana Cards in Saviors of Uldum

Cards for Warlock, Hunter and Warrior were recently revealed to be coming out in Saviors of Uldum. These 3 mana cards in Saviors of Uldum seem like they could cause quite a ruckus, especially in the current meta. EVIL Recruiter, Hunter’s Pack and Bloodsworn Mercenary all provide extremely strong effects.

EVIL Recruiter

Warlock is getting their second EVIL class card in Saviors of Uldum. EVIL Recruiter looks like it fits perfectly within the Zoolock archetype. It has a stat line of a three mana 3/3, with a Battlecry of destroying a friendly Lackey and summoning a 5/5 Demon in its place.

Considering EVIL Genius adds two Lackeys into your hand, the condition for the Recruiter is not hard to meet. On top of that, with the coin you can curve into this card on turn three. That’s 8/8 worth of stats, or more with a Faceless Summoner.

This can be compared to Mages dropping a Mountain Giant on turn three. However, it’s better than that because Mages don’t develop anything on the first two turns. Zoolocks get to play cheap minions, and then develop this massive pile of stats on top of that.

EVIL Recruiter might just be the card that pulls Warlock straight into the competitive meta. Zoolock just didn’t have enough steam in Rise of Shadows in order for it to warrant play against all of the Warriors, its hardest counter. Warriors will have a very hard time dealing with a 3/3 and a 5/5 on turn three or four now though.

Bloodsworn Mercenary

3 Mana Cards in Saviors of Uldum

On the subject of Warrior, the class will be getting its own three drop that unlocks unlimited combo potential. Bloodsworn Mercenary is another three mana 3/3, but its Battlecry makes it a powerhouse. It can summon a copy of a damaged friendly minion.

The immediate synergy potential is with cards like Leeroy Jenkins and Grommash Hellscream. With just three cards, adding Inner Rage, you can deal 16 damage with Leeroy. This could make some potentially nasty OTK decks for the Warrior class.

It can also just be a tempo value card. Deathrattle minions really benefit from being copied, and Bloodsworn Mercenary is the cheapest way to do that. On top of that, it’s a good minion body on its own. Maybe the Control Warrior variant that is less popular will pop an OTK into its deck with this card to win against OTK Paladins and the like.

Hunter’s Pack

On top of owning Master’s Call, Hunter will be getting a three mana card that generates three cards. Hunter’s Pack is a spell that adds a random Hunter Beast, Secret and weapon to your hand. That’s not quite Master’s Call level of power, but it’s hard to beat.

3 Mana Cards in Saviors of UldumMost Hunter Beasts are pretty good cards. The only sub-optimal beast would be Vilebrood Skitterer, but getting a Savannah Highmane would be quite good.

Most Hunter Secrets are good. All Hunter Secrets are actually kind of difficult to play around, so it really doesn’t matter what you get. Of course Rat Trap handcuffs a lot of decks.

Hunter Weapons are okay on average as well. Even Gladiator’s Longbow has some good uses as well. It’s probably not going to be good to play a card that has to generate these cards. However, in matches versus Warriors, combined with Zul’Jin this card can be a great tool to out value them.

Overall, all of these cards create some more powerful capabilities. It seems that the Hearthstone team want to simply increase the power of the entire meta by bringing back Quests and Highlander decks as well. More value is certainly present with the Reborn mechanic. Hopefully the 3 mana cards in Saviors of Uldum aren’t overkill. Just because there might be some semblance of balance, it does not necessarily make it fun to play with or against.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website. 

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