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Don’t let your memes be dreams. For as long as Hearthstone has been in the eyes of the public, decks have been created that are more entertaining than useful. For example, Disguised Toast made a Mecha’Thun Warlock that didn’t have Mecha’Thun. This was to trick people into thinking that he had the combo to win in one turn and cause them to concede the game, granting him the victory. There was also BMKibler’s Thief Rogue that would steal from their opponent and use their own cards against them. This deck was very unreliable and only worked with careful planning and some RNG. But are meme decks still available? And if so, will any be viable?

Ra Rogue                          

Highkeeper Ra is a 20/20 minion with the ability “At the end of your turn, deal 20 damage to all enemies.” This card would be played in every deck possible if it wasn’t for one little set back. The only way to summon him is to have a board full of Mogu Cultist. Mogu Cultist is a one mana 1/1 making it incredibly easy to kill. But that doesn’t mean that this isn’t viable in some way, shape or form.

Currently, the only deck that would have a chance of making this deck work would be the Rogue Chef Nomi deck. Running it the same way as you would the Nomi deck would be ideal. Waiting until you have both Chef Nomi and Mogu Cultist before playing Myra’s Unstable Element to draw your deck. Play a single Cultist and use Togwaggle’s Scheme to put a bunch in your deck. After that use Nomi to stabilize until you draw enough to have a board full of them at once. After your board clears, you’ll have the opportunity to get Ra out and win the game.

Thief Rogue

Seems like Rogue is the best option when it comes to building meme decks. This one is completely up to RNG. This deck utilizes cards that the Rogue uses to take class cards or random cards from other classes and makes use of them. Some cards include Academic Espionage, Blink Fox, Henchclan Burglar and Pilfer. Most of these cards provide some form of tempo and benefit.

Another way to make this deck survivable is by using heavy draw and hoping that the cards you generate will be useful in some way. This deck will also use the Spectral Cutlass to keep themselves alive with lifesteal; keeping the durability up with stolen items and the cheap cards. Heavy draw along with tons of cheap cards will help keep the deck alive if you get lucky. Strategically stealing cards could also help make this successful.

Combo priest

Combo Priest can be a meta deck, but for now it is considered a meme. The combo goes that you want to build a minion’s health as high as possible, then making its health its attack and kill your opponent in one shot. Currently the next iteration might come in the form of High Priest Amet.

High Priest Amet will make every minion on your side of the field have the same health as him, so simply give him all the health buffs and then combo off with any minion that doesn’t die. This is a very interesting way to keep some of the minion’s health up to eventually combo off, especially if most minions have taunt.



These decks aren’t incredibly powerful, but the Hearthstone community has seen meme decks become viable. The most likely one would be Ra Rogue or Combo Priest. More meme decks might come out as more cards are released that have meme potential.

Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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