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Hearthstone: Here Comes the Boom

With rotation, all of the cards from Rise of Shadows are available and decks are being tested to determine the new meta. One of which is Bomb Warrior, which utilizing Blastmaster Boom and the cards that plant bombs in the opponent’s deck. It has a lot of interesting abilities that might surprise people with its utility and power when rotation happens.


With this deck, the entire goal is to fill the opponent’s deck with bombs that, when drawn, deal five damage to them. This alone isn’t a bad idea for a deck, although it never really had enough card synergy to make it work, as well as being up against much stronger combo decks. But now with cards like Blastmaster Boom, Augmented Elekk, Wrenchcalibur and Clockwork Goblin, it’s entirely possible to make this deck work.

Three mana 3/3, with a sneaky five damage for later in the game. What could go wrong?

Without the Augmented Elekk doubling the bombs put into the opponents deck, there are six cards in the deck that have the battlecry to shuffle bombs into the opponent’s deck, one being Wrenchcalibur doing it twice as long as it isn’t destroyed and is not upgraded. This brings the total bombs to eight without the Elekk. The total damage the eight bombs could do is 40 damage, doubling that if you had the Elekk on the field when you put each bomb into your opponent’s deck.

This deck has multiple layers of play in it. By putting so many bombs into the opponent’s deck, you discourage them from drawing unless they have a way to recover the damage they receive from the bombs. Additionally, the opponent almost wants to draw some of those bombs to reduce the  number of Boom Bots you get off of Blastermaster Boom. So, you’re forcing them into a very awkward position on which they think is more dangerous and which one they think can take care of.


The wild card in the set, making a legendary deck

No deck is perfect and this one is no exception. With cards like Arch-Villain Rafaam and Archivist Elysiana, the entire deck could be shut down. The possibility of using every bomb planting card in the deck and your opponent using either of those cards is very real, although the odds aren’t great. Nevertheless, these two cards can still lowers the power of the Bomb Warrior deck.

Another weakness to the deck is Myra’s Unstable Element, drawing the entire deck and then destroying the other cards in the deck can be devastating. Although, there is the possibility that the rogue draws the bombs and takes the damage from the bombs anyways. Finally, this deck might not see play with the specialist format since players can put a variety of cards in their side board that could hard or soft counter this deck.


Worth It?

This deck seems to embody the risk reward factor of the game. With some tinkering and experimenting, this deck could become a tier two or even tier one deck. The mirror matches will be long and rough, but it’s possible to outmatch the deck if you know how to handle it. This deck is definitely worth playing, especially in climbing the ranks.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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