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Hearthstone Year of the Dragon playing Favorites?

Invoke is the newest mechanic being added to the newest set Descent of Dragons. However, this newest set cements the idea that the five classes from the League of E.V.I.L. are the most favored class from the Year of the Dragon.

Rise of Shadows

With Rise of Shadows, we got the legendary minions that would represent the League of E.V.I.L. Granted this was expected since it was a set that revolved around the villains of this story. Their classes were given incredibly powerful cards to prove how they were supposed to take over the city of Dalaran.

This wasn’t that big of a deal since there were two more card sets coming out this year. There was the possibility that the next set would focus more on the other four classes to make up for it. So, it made perfect sense for this set to revolve around the villains.

Saviors of Uldum

The second set from the Year of the Dragon, Saviors of Uldum was supposed to focus on the heroes of the story. However, these heroes weren’t as impactful as the villains were. They required the entire deck to revolve around them on the deck building process. Given that each one had the no duplicate clause for their abilities.

The main focus of this set were the Quests. All classes got a quest and it seemed to have a few powerful ones and some that simply couldn’t stick. The most notable for meta standards were the Druid and Shaman Quests. They got even stronger once the Doom in the Tomb event went live and amplified their power and flexibility. They didn’t specify on either hero or villain but that is all about to change with the coming of the new set.

Descent of Dragons

The newest set that will be released soon is perhaps one of the most powerful sets to date. The number of dragons is staggering. However, there is bit of imbalance between the heroes and villains again in this set. The villains get a new Hero Card in the form of Galakrond, cards that support him and upgrade him and activating his hero power for free. The heroes on the other hand, get the dragon aspects and side quests.

This wouldn’t be so bad if the aspects were Hero Cards as well. But unfortunately, they are minions, meaning they are vulnerable to trades or straight removal. As well as not having any support for said dragons as of now. There is also no way to interact with hero cards. There are no counters, there are no instant destroy cards, or anything like that. Anyone of these would be useful for gameplay and grant favor to the hero classes. Otherwise, the villain classes will still remain as the favorable classes to choose for climbing ranks.


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