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Hearthstone: Uldum Staples

With the end of the reveals for Saviors of Uldum coming to a close, there are some very notable cards that will absolutely see play – whether they stay in the meta will be another story. But there will be cards that will be neutral staples, class staples and some that are incredibly questionable.

Neutral Staples

The new and improved Zilliax

With every set, there are some neutral cards that have exceptional power and abilities that make them must haves in almost all decks. Examples are Zilliax and SN1P-SN4P. With Saviors of Uldum, this card is Siamat. Siamat is a seven mana 6/6 with a battlecry that reads “Gain 2 of Rush, Taunt, Divine Shield, or Windfury (your choice)” meaning that no matter what position you are in, this card will help stabilize or put more pressure on your opponent. If you need a card to defend you, he can come in with Divine Shield and Taunt. Or if you are ahead and want to make sure your opponent feels the pressure, putting him on the field with Windfury and either Rush or Divine Shield. He will most likely see play in every deck.

Questing Explorer has made a very big splash. This card will prove useful for every quest deck, especially Warlocks, since their entire quest is based on drawing cards. This card will provide card advantage and a body on the board that isn’t incredibly weak. So, she will see play in every quest deck unless the deck list is so tight that it can’t fit because there is a superior card. Another way to fit this in, is in wild. Wild has the possibility of double quest decks, meaning that she will be even more useful there, almost guaranteeing the draw ability to trigger. There will, of course, be decks that she doesn’t fit in, but that’s only because of them not running quests.

Class Staples

Bazaar Burglary
Quest Rogue is back with a bit of thievery.

Previously, it was discussed that Thief Rogue would be a meme deck. However, this has changed due to the release of the Rogue quest card, Bazzar Burglary. With Bazzar Burglary, the quest is to add four cards from other classes to your hand. For Thief Rogue, this is incredibly easy. The reward being the Hero Power, Ancient Blades. Ancient Blades give the player a 3/2 dagger that makes you immune while attack. This is amazing. Odd Rogue was hard to handle, and now players have to go against this. The only bad match up would be the mirror match. But even this is easy to overcome with Henchclan Burglar.

Another powerful quest card is Activate the Obelisk for the Priest. This quest requires you to restore 15 health. A very easy thing for Priest given their Hero Power and cards like Circle of Healing and Divine Hymn. The quest reward is replacing the heal ability with healing three points and if it’s a minion they get a +3/+3. This is a huge plus, making the Hero Power useful even when everyone is at full health. Using this with other powerful minions like Zilliax or Siamat make even more devastating for a little extra mana.


Zoolock’s best friend or will it just sit on the sidelines?

Mortuary Machine has been a topic of great discussion. A five mana 8/8 is incredibly powerful, however, giving your opponent reborn might have some backfiring effects. Zilliax would be incredibly powerful if it got reborn. And worse is if reborn is put on Highkeeper Ra. This card might come in depending on how decks are being run. This card needs a ton of plays to make it work, perhaps the higher ranked players will make it work.

Diseased Vulture perhaps will be the most interesting Warlock cards. For six mana at the most, you get a 3/5 minion as well as a random three cost minion. This is nice considering how much damage Warlocks take with their Hero Power. However, since its ability isn’t a Battlecry, it can be triggered more than once, making Zoolock very powerful here. This card makes filling your board a bit easier, however any combos that could fill the board requires a lot of mana and health, and in the late game, Warlock is usually running low on both.

Final Thoughts

Saviors of Uldum seems like an incredibly powerful set. There are, of course, not great cards that won’t see play, but not every set can be perfect. Even the greatest sets saw some bad cards, with some legendary minions never seeing play outside of meme decks. However, this set seems very interesting and will absolutely change the way a lot of decks play. The only one that won’t see a lot of change is Control Warrior since it will only be adding a few cards to its list.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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