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Hearthstone: Two New Rastakhan Cards Revealed

new Rastakhan cards

The Hearthstone team have revealed two new Rastakhan cards with a unique way of introducing the cards. They are trying to add some lore to this set with some storytelling in order to get a real feel for the arena in Rastakhan’s Rumble.

Ticket Scalper

The first card revealed in the short story was Ticket Scalper. She is the first minion to be shown that has the Overkill keyword on her card. Her base stat line is a 5/3 for four mana. The Overkill effect is to draw two cards. She is another pirate card that they have revealed from the set, and it seems Blizzard wants to revive the pirate archetype.New Rastakhan Cards

From what we can infer from the cards we have already seen in action, Overkill will only activate when you are the one initiating the attack. Because Ticket Scalper only has three health at the four mana slot, its rare she will get to attack.

Another question being posed is if Overkill will still activate when the minion dies. Given the stat line of this minion, it will be trading up a lot and die most of the time it attacks. We can only assume at this point that you will get the two cards drawn after killing a minion with four or less health remaining. Otherwise, this card will be way worse than the poor vanilla stat line it already has.

That being said, drawing cards is always a very powerful effect. Especially as a neutral minion card, there aren’t a lot of good minions for card draw. This still struggles with its stat line like the other minions that draw cards but it probably isn’t drawing cards often enough for it to be good.

Heavy Metal!

New Rastakhan CardsHeavy Metal! is a new Warrior spell that functions similarly to Geosculptor Yip. For six mana, it will summon a minion equal to the total number of armor you have, up to 10 mana. Considering Yip was never a very popular card, this one won’t be either.

Warriors have an easier time gaining armor now, but a lot of them are Odd Warriors where this card is even in cost. Two of these don’t really work towards a win condition, and random minions are known to be pretty bad in terms of value.

Summoning minions usually is not a good idea, because you lose out on Battlecries and synergies. It’s the same dilemma when it comes to random legendaries, since they mostly have Battlecries and synergies.

Other New Card Teasers

Blizzard is continuing to push the different banners in the Rastakhan arena and have teased a new class Loa. Akali’s Rhinos appears to represent the Warrior class and the Rhino will be the legendary Beast minion for Warrior in the new set.

Three leaders of the Warlock, Warrior, and Paladin banner were shown, and are likely to be minions themselves. They are War Master Voone for Warrior, High Priestess Jeklik for Warlock, and High Priest Thekal for Paladin.

New Rastakhan Cards

See cards as they get revealed for Rastakhan’s Rumble here. 


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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