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Hearthstone: The Heroes are Here

The League of Explorers are officially back and better than ever – kind of. With Comic Con, the voice actors for the League of Explorers revealed their own cards. All of them had the text “Battlecry: if your deck has no duplicates…” and then gives something that is incredibly powerful. However, is a no-duplicate-card deck for Hunter, Mage, Paladin and Druid worth it to get their payouts?


Bram on a dinosaur is not surprising for some reason.

Dinotamer Bram comes into the game with an ability that we have seen before. Similar to how Spiteful Summoner worked, Bram will summon King Krush if there are no duplicate cards in your deck. This is far more reliable than Spiteful Summoner with a guaranteed card that will impact the board.

This ability is solid if it were a neutral card. However, since it is a Hunter-only card, this makes it very hard to use. Most Hunters currently run tons of repeats to get a consistent and reliable deck, be that in the form of Midrange Hunter or Spell Hunter. This card might see some play in a Spell Hunter deck using a combo of Zul’jin and Bram to get tons of instant value and tons of burst damage. This is especially so since there are tons of cards that do damage to the enemy’s face.


Bet he stole that gun from a museum.

Reno is back, but isn’t looking to heal you – he’s looking to mow down enemies with his machine gun. Similar to the Shaman spell, Volcano, he will do random damage to your opponent’s minions. The only difference between him and Volcano is that he won’t hit your minions and there is a condition to be met.

This is such a tricky card to meet the conditions. Being in the Mage class makes it even harder. There are a few ways this could work, but not many that will be consistent. A Hand Mage deck might be able to work with this card well, otherwise, Reno most likely won’t see much play. The only way to make sure that he sees tons of play is if Mage gets a card that triggers Battlecries twice.



Sir Finley is back and is here to alter your hero power once more. He gives you an improved hero power, and you get to choose from three of them since it’s the Discover ability. Perhaps this spells the return of Token Paladin, although this won’t be nearly as powerful. And with it saying that it is an improved Hero Power and not a specific one, perhaps that means it is possible to get one that is from the Dalaran Heist.

Out of all of the heroes from the League of Explorers, he might be the most interesting. The Paladin Quest might need to be changed after a few turns depending on what the reward is. If it loses use after a while, using Finley to change it can be incredibly helpful in the mid to late game.


The newest Hero portrait and Legendary Druid card.

Elise is the current Dead Man’s Hand and is a little different, for better and worse. She will duplicate your hand as long as you have no duplicate cards in your deck. This is very different from how Dead Man’s Hand works. It would just put a copy of your hand in the deck. She puts the copy right into your hand. This is useful in several ways but can be a bit a tricky to work around making sure you only have five or less cards in hand.

Elise will be very hard to work around. She technically will have two requirements to make her ability useful. One being the no duplicate cards and having the room in your hand to benefit from it. So how well she will work in the long run most likely won’t be very well. The rest of the Druid cards will have to be powerful in order to make this card work.

Final Thoughts

Overall, these Legendary minions seem interesting and depending on how the rest of the set goes, they might still have a place. As of now, most of them will not be used. The only for sure use that can come from them is improving Arch-Villian Rafaam, ironically. When Rafaam goes off, he will change the deck and allow each of the League of Explorers to trigger. This might be more of a meme deck though, but will still be funny to watch when it happens.


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