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Hearthstone: The Future of OTK Decks

OTK (or One Turn Kill) decks were extremely annoying and sometimes extremely powerful. Decks that utilized Mecha’thun, Uther of the Ebon Blade and Hakkar, the Soulflayer. These decks required some thought and strategy to play. But will there every be a return of any OTK decks in the near future?

Who turned out the Light?

The Past 

Before the Year of the Dragon, there were a few OTK decks. With Paladin, they utilized cards that would bounce minions back to your hand. The purpose of this was to have all the Four Horsemen in hand, and then playing them all at once. This activates Uther of the Ebon Blade’s ability, which wins the game when all four of the Four Horsemen are on the field. The most used cards to activate this ability were usually a Youthful Brewmaster and Ancient Brewmaster, as well as other cards that helped draw through the deck and keep you alive until you hit the combo.

Then with the Warlock, their OTK combo was reliant on Mecha’thun. The deck ran by keeping the Warlock alive until they could summon Mecha’thun, play Blood Bloom, and then Cataclysm once the deck was empty. It had a very solid and reliable way of drawing the deck as well as surviving to the end game. There were of course weaknesses with cards that put cards into the Warlock.

Finally, we get to Druid. They used a deck that would allow you to draw your entire deck. Then you would simply play Hakkar, the Soulflayer and destroy him. After that, you’d play King Togwaggle, switching the deck, and play two Naturalize, forcing your opponent to draw 4 times. With the amount of Corrupted Blood your opponent would draw, it would pretty much kill them instantly.

The Present

What’s worse? C’thun or Mecha’thun?

Currently, there are no meta OTK decks. However, there is one OTK deck that is still played, but it is incredibly hard to pull off and it is generally very weak compared to other decks that are out there. The way this deck works is similar to the old Mecha’thun Warlock, except it doesn’t have Blood Bloom and Cataclysm. Instead, they use Dollmaster Dorian, Plot Twist and Shriek.

Once your deck is empty, play Dollamster Dorian, then play Plot Twist. This puts a one attack one health Mecha’thun onto the field. After that, play shriek to get rid of the Mecha’thun in your hand and kill the one on the field activating the ability. Unfortunately, this combo is easily disrupted and easily countered once you know what it is.


The Future

The future for OTK decks does not look good. Blizzard has stated on multiple occasions that they do not like OTK decks. According to them, these decks stagger creativity and also make the game less fun. This is understandable because if you are against any OTK decks, it’s either going to be an easy win or an easy loss – there’s no in-between. But who knows, perhaps when the next set comes out, Blizzard will accidentally release some sort card that can be exploited for an OTK.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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