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Solo Adventures have changed a lot over the years. First, there were adventures that you had to pay to play with it releasing part by part. Each part that you complete would give you a card or packs. Then, it went to a free-to-play version where the reward was a card back. Now, it is back to a paid version, but with tons of rewards.

Long Ago

Can we please get a re-print?

With adventures from the past, like Blackrock Mountain and League of Explorers, players would purchase the adventure for about $20. Players would then fight different bosses or challenges, about three per level. After completing said level, players would receive and award, such as packs or a legendary card. Each match would also reward players with a few cards as well. Players would then wait for the next level to unlock within a few weeks or so, then repeat till the adventure was over. This way of play brought some unique cards that weren’t playable in standard or wild play but did bring about some very interesting battles.

With this, players got to experience unique challenges that pushed their thinking and playing abilities, bring out new tactics. Not only was this challenging, it also gave players some powerful and useful cards. Or, at the very least, packs to make the cost of the adventure worth it. It did at a cost to Hearthstone, but it was an optional venture that only had upsides when purchased, aside from those that could not complete the challenges.

Back Then

No king rules forever.

With the arrival of the Frozen Throne, players saw a new version of the Solo Adventures. The Icecrown Citadel changed the name from “adventure” to “missions” as well as removing the cost to play. Although the way this one was played would be completely from future Solo Adventures. This one would give players a legendary card and three Knights of the Frozen Throne packs as well as a new hero portrait if you beat the Lich King with all nine classes.

However, moving forward from this set, the missions were incredibly different. Instead of rewarding players with packs or legendary cards for completing challenges, it became something many players found disappointing. Players were required to beat multiple enemies in a row, all increasing in difficulty as well as players not being able to lose, with all nine class to receive the reward. The reward was a card back, no packs or cards. This was a ton of work for a simple bragging right that had no impact on games or did anything in the grand scheme of Hearthstone.


What do the cards say about your future?

With Rise of Shadows, players return to the pay to play format of the Solo Adventure, with the first level of the adventure being free. This adventure offers a golden legendary that players can not get any other way, and it functions similarly to Whizbang the Wonderful. Additionally, players will receive a golden classic pack, 15 Rise of Shadows packs and two card backs. Giving players a good bang for their buck.

This adventure is incredibly unique and offers players lots of rewards and incentive to play. Giving players special minions to play as, as well as multiple play modes, this Solo Adventure will be like no other. With tons of awards and replay value, this adventure is well worth the cost.


The future of the Solo Adventure mode is still in the dark. Whether it continue to look like this, go back to one of the ways it was before, or complexly change from set to set to match their themes. Either way, as long as the rewards are as good as this sets, then players will absolutely pay to play these adventures for the rewards alone.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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