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Shaman and Paladin Saviors of Uldum Cards Look Strong

Shaman and Paladin Saviors of Uldum

The Hearthstone team have had a steady reveal of Saviors of Uldum cards over the past couple weeks. Of those shown so far, Shaman and Paladin Saviors of Uldum cards look to be meta changing. Both classes have been suffering from the lack of a top tier deck during the Rise of Shadows expansion, but things could be going their way soon.

Control Shaman Tools

Shaman had two very strong board control cards revealed for them. The first of those is Earthquake, a seven mana spell. Seven seems expensive at first, but when you compare this card to Flamestrike you realize is is extremely powerful. It deals five damage to all minions, then another two after that. That’s seven total damage for up to 49 damage to a full board.Shaman and Paladin Saviors of Uldum

Not only is that a lot of damage, it also plays quite well against Deathrattle and Divine Shield minions. Most notable in the current meta, Soul of the Forest boards will die to this card. It’s difficult to compete with Hagatha’s Scheme, but this card could be run as a one of and maybe in place of Hagatha’s scheme if the meta becomes Deathrattle or Divine Shield heavy. It can also be discovered through Haunting Visions and Hagatha the Witch’s hero power.

The second powerful tool for Control Shaman is Plague of Murlocs. For three mana, it will change all minions on board into random Murlocs. This is another effect that’s very good versus Deathrattle minions. It’s also just good against large boards since the average Murloc is very small. It also messes up any deck that tries to resurrect minions as part of its game plan.

Aggro Paladin Tools

Shaman and Paladin Saviors of Uldum

Aggressive Paladins are getting some more assistance with the newest reveals. Most aggressive Paladins fell far short of expectations in the last expansion, but maybe things will change this time around.

Brazen Zealot could be a good tool for aggro decks. It is a one mana 2/1, with an effect that can push quite a bit of damage. If going first, this card will likely demand any class with a ping hero power to use the coin to remove the Zealot. If you are able to play two minions on turn two, this card will become a one mana 4/1 and that’s a lot of damage.

Then there is Sandwasp Queen, another seemingly aggressive card. The stat line on the card is a two mana 3/1, with an interesting Battlecry. It adds two 2/1 Sandwasps to your hand that both cost one mana. For a Paladin that’s trying to spread the board and buff its Brazen Zealot, this card does exactly that.

Universal Tools

This next card could definitely see use in Aggro Paladin, but its effect goes way beyond that in terms of use. Salhet’s Pride is a three mana 3/1 with the Deathrattle of drawing two 1-health minions from your deck. Most cheap aggro cards do only have one health making this a decent inclusion.Shaman and Paladin Saviors of Uldum

However, this also means you can play a deck with only specific one health minions to specifically draw them out for combos. Mech Paladin currently runs one health minions as well as OTK Paladin. This adds another cycle effect to decks looking to cycle hard.

Another card that could fit in any type of Shaman deck is Weaponised Wasp. It has a very effective stat line as a three mana 3/3, but its Battlecry effect makes it amazing. If you control a Lackey on board, the Wasp will deal three damage to any target. That’s huge on early turns as it develops a 3/3 while being able to remove most minions.

Token Shamans and those that run Shudderwock like to run the Lackey generation cards, and this would be a perfect fit in those existing decks. We are also likely to be getting more Lackey generation cards in Saviors of Uldum so the value of all cards that synergize with Lackeys will continue to grow.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website. 

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