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Hearthstone Scales of Justice

With the drop of the Tomb of Terror, we got to see a new relic, the Scales of Justice. The League of Explorers were searching for a powerful relic to fight Rafaam and his League of E.V.I.L. and have come across the Scales of Justice. Funny enough, we saw this relic in the trailer for Saviors of Uldum. We see Sir Finley wielding it and using it to bash a mummy. Now the real question comes up, is the Scales of Justice going to be a card? And if so, what could it possibly be or do?


A Relic that was used during the League of Explorers adventure.

One of the most obvious options is that it will be a weapon to be used by Paladin at the very least. If it is not a class specific weapon and turns into a neutral card, its effect might not be as powerful. The most likely option will be that it will be a Paladin weapon, since giving Druids a weapon will make them extremely powerful in Wild games.

One prediction is that since it was used on a mummy, perhaps it negates reborn abilities or just silences a minion it strikes. Another option for this weapon is to give hand buffs. Perhaps while it is equipped it will give +1/+1 to minions in your hand. Or it’ll let you draw an extra card each turn. One extremely powerful idea would be that it will fully heal you but lose durability or fully heal as a deathrattle. Any of these would feel incredibly fitting for the Paladin theme and would all be amazing to see in the game.

New Mechanic

Is it his blood or someone else’s? Cause one of those will cause city wide problems.

The Scales of Justice might be the introduction to a new mechanic. Perhaps this mechanic will be called “Relic.” Relics were always talked about in League of Explorers and are back again. So maybe this is a sign that players will get Relics. They will need to be a bit stronger than the Treasures Togwaggle generates, but they don’t have to be game defining. But they should be used in some way, shape or form.

The League of Explorers has fallen behind on synergies since they weren’t preset for the Rise of Shadows. So, the next set introducing these relics for only the League of Explorers will absolutely even things out. These relics can have some flavor to help with the story. Like I Reno were to get a Magnet to unmagnetized all Mechs and/or remove all the bombs. Or if Brann were to get a Trap to stop players from drawing more than one card a turn. Any of these would make perfect sense mechanically and story wise. These Relics don’t need to be a start of the game effect but wouldn’t be a terrible idea to have them start in your hand.


These Relics probably won’t be even close to the ones we might get.

These Relics don’t have to be something unique or a weapon, they can absolutely be legendary spells. A returning mechanic from the Boomsday Project set, which has been drawn from a lot during the Year of the Dragon. So perhaps players will see a return of the legendary spells. Relics from the League of Explorers set were all spells when you got them in the adventure. So, it’s not completely out of the question that this one will be a Legendary spell either.

Another idea that keeps with the theme of the Relic being a spell is that it could be a spell that changes your Hero Power. Perhaps we will see the Hero Power that Reno had in the Tavern Brawl. So, Reno’s Relic could be the Gatling Wand and it would give him the hero power of random damage that increases as the turns go on.

The reasoning for the idea that the Relics are legendary spells is because the League of E.V.I.L received powerful spells in Saviors of Uldum. So, if both sides receive the same thing, the side of evil will have a leg up going forward. Therefore, to even out the sides, the League of Explorers need to get something exclusive in the next set. Or the Warlock, Priest, Warrior, Rogue and Shaman will always have something over Hunter, Druid, Paladin and Mage.

More Relics?

If the Scales of Justice does become a card, there will most likely be other ones. What they are though is a complete mystery. They will all most likely have some sort of theme that will work with their related class. Be that in the form of a new mechanic, weapon or spell. But to be fair for the Wild Format, it most likely won’t be a weapon. Players will have to wait and see if it is added later in this set or the more likely outcome, the next set.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment

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