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Hearthstone: Rise of the Mechs

With the “Rise of the Mechs” out and about, players will notice that Mechs are very prominent in most decks. It is ironic, however, that we are not in a Mech themed set right now. Boomsday was seen as a very unimpressive set, with its most notable card being Zilliax. But now, most decks are running a handful of Mechs or running a Mech-themed deck.

Mech Paladin

Attach him to a Mech for pure perfection

This deck is very interesting. On paper, Kangor’s Endless Army looks solid, but it never got the support it needed to make the revived Mech worth the mana cost of the spell. But now it has become a very powerful revival spell due to SN1P-SN4P, Zilliax and other magnetizing Mechs. The main dream of this deck is to make a powerful Mechano-Egg, forcing your opponent to deal with it, and then giving yourself a 8/8 Mech. Once both die, you cast Kangor’s Endless Army and regain both, and most likely close the game.

The worst nightmare is your opponent having Counterspell, however this can be countered with the cheap spells in the deck. This deck is climbing the tier list and might one day be considered a tier one deck.

Bomb Warrior

Perhaps the first Mech deck that showed up in Rise of Shadows. Its main core was to plant bombs in your opponent’s deck, let them be drawn and have your opponent’s cards die from the damage. It just so happened that one of these creatures who put bombs in the deck was a Mech. So, players put in Dr. Boom, Mad Genius to improve the Mechs that were being played to help the deck survive. The Delivery Drone Hero Power that Dr. Boom supplied would allow players to opportunity to pull another Clockwork Goblin. Mechs and Warriors have always gone well together since the release of the Boomsday Project.

Mech Priest

Behold the glory of the New Sun

This deck attempts to revive the Combo Priest deck with the use of Mech synergy. The goal of this deck is simple, Magnetize your Mechs together and use Divine Spirit to give it a ton of health and finish the game out with Topsy Turvy or Inner Fire. This deck had some good potential when Lyra, the Sunshard was in Standard.

As players would cast spells to apply buffs to their minions, they would be getting more spells from Lyra at the same time, potentially going infinite with Radiant Elemental. This deck might be viable in tournament setting; however, it will struggle in ladder climbing. Its biggest weakness is being silenced, forcing players to rely on their high health minions to finish out the game in one turn.

Where Mechs Will Be

This Mech idea is very unique and fun, and perhaps shows that there will be other creature types in the future. Perhaps a Rise of the Dragons, Rise of the Murlocs or the Rise of the Elementals? The idea that players would get free gold legendary minions from previous sets would be amazing and so much fun. Mechs will most likely fade from existence as more sets are released, given that we most likely won’t get any more Mechs with Magnetize.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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