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Hearthstone: Rise of Murlocs

With nerfs and buffs coming out, the meta has shifted a lot since Rise of Shadows released. It was once ruled by Hunters, Druids and Rogues. However, players noticed a deck that is always laughed at in concept, but has become a tier one deck. Murloc Shaman is one of the fastest growing decks.


Wonder where he got those scars?

One of the biggest strengths of this deck is its incredible speed and burst damage. Minions like Murloc Warleader, Bluegill Warrior and Coldlight Seer make the Murlocs that are already on the field even stronger. Adding Bloodlust to the mix provides a huge turn of damage that could end the game if things go well.

However, with this speed, comes a bit of a drawback, running out of cards and top decking for the rest of the game. This can be fixed though with Scargil and Underbell Angler. With them, you can quickly refill your hand with tons of Murlocs, especially with Ghost Light Angler. This combo efficiently fills your board and hand.

Finally, the Murlocs’ synergy works well when it is built around said synergy. Individually, these cards are weak, but once they begin to stack, they create a snowball effect. If your opponent doesn’t deal with them and build their own board, they will be fighting an uphill battle.


Great Murloc if you have other Murlocs to follow

One of the biggest weaknesses this deck has is that all the minions in the deck have low health. Therefore, board clears like Swipe, Consecration or Fan of Knives will take care of it without buffs to their health. With this weakness, it can be hard to build a board if your opponent has consistent ways to clear.

Another weakness of the deck is bad draws. Granted, Hearthstone will always have the randomness from draws, but there are worst case scenarios with this deck. If players draw combo cards without the set up pieces, the deck slows to a near halt. Without Murlocs on the field that don’t have abilities, it stifles the power of the deck. Using Murlocs that don’t have Murloc related abilities early, then bring out the Murloc buffing cards creates the perfect curve. Doing this in reverse though will destroy all hope of this deck winning a match.


What Does the Future Hold?

A very basic Murloc that helps build a board of Murlocs

Currently, the aggressive nature of this deck gives it viability. However, several factors could completely make or break this deck. Future buffs or nerfs. If buffed properly, this deck could skyrocket in viability. Giving some key Murlocs more health and/or lowering the cost would be all this deck needed. However, if the cost of them increases or their abilities are weakened, this deck will plummet in power. Additionally, if other decks become aggressive, they might be able to outshine this deck. Murloc Shaman’s greatest strength is how fast it is, without this it becomes worthless.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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