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Hearthstone: Rastakhan’s Rumble Looks to Increase Deck Variety

Rastakhan's Rumble Looks to Increase Deck Variety

As the various Hearthstone streamers and personalities continue to reveal cards, Rastakhan’s Rumble looks to Increase deck variety. Warrior, Shaman, Hunter and Priest are getting a lot of nice and unique tools. Decks that used to be viable, decks that haven’t quite been viable and brand new archetypes look like they will all be good.

Dragon Warrior

Two more recently revealed Dragon cards continue to build up the comeback of Dragon Warrior. Crowd Roaster, the neutral Dragon, and Emberscale Drake, the Warrior class Dragon, are both good options for Warrior. Rastakhan's Rumble Looks to Increase Deck Variety

Crowd Roaster is a seven mana 7/4, that will deal seven damage to an enemy minion while you are holding a Dragon. This offers another single-target removal tool for an archetype that is heavily minion-based. The weak health total can be an issue, but the seven attack also makes it an aggressive board swing card.

Emberscale Drake is reminiscent of the old Shieldmaiden. However, the Drake is slightly better because it costs one less mana. As a five mana 5/5, Emberscale Drake will also grant you five armor if you are holding a dragon. Warriors like to gain armor, and at five mana this card is just ridiculously strong.

In a tempo-oriented deck, the Warrior will not use their hero power a lot. Emberscale Drake gives the Warrior a chance to play the tempo game and activate cards like Shield Slam without having to spend mana on the hero power.

Control Shamans

Regardless of whether you want to play Shudderwock Shaman, or any other version of Control Shaman, there are going to be some nice new control tools. Combining spells with Spirit of the Frog and Zentimo give the Shaman a lot more momentum to get through certain stages of the game.

Rastakhan's Rumble Looks to Increase Deck Variety

Haunting Visions is one of those cards that can work well with Spirit of the Frog. Because Spirit of the Frog will draw a card that costs one more than the spell you cast, Haunting Visions can give a guaranteed Hex draw. The only issue is that Spirit of the Frog is a little expensive, being a three mana 0/3, but at least it has a turn of stealth or can be used on a later turn.

Lightning Storm can also grant a guaranteed Hex draw. Using Hex can guarantee a Volcano draw. Overall, because Shaman likes to have access to its removal spells, Spirit of the Frog may offer a better card draw option. Because you can manipulate the deck to guarantee you draw certain cards, it is much better than simply drawing off the top.

The legendary minion Zentimo seems to be really strong with the single target spells that Shaman has. Zentimo is a three mana 1/3 that allows you to target a minion and the adjacent ones with any spell. The ability to hex three minions seems great for Control.

New Power Cards for Druid, Priest and Hunter

Druid gets a Legendary revealed for them by the name of Wardruid Loti. Loti is a Choose One card that has Rastakhan's Rumble Looks to Increase Deck Varietyfour options to choose from. She could be used in any and all situations that could happen in a game.

One form has poisonous and stealth, another a 1/6 taunt, a form for four damage rush, and a form for plus one spell damage. None of the forms are too powerful for the mana cost — they’re actually a little weak — but the versatility is huge.

Priest is getting a card that can create huge board swings with the legendary Princess Talanji. An eight mana 7/5, the vanilla stats aren’t great, but the mana value potential is huge with her Battlecry. She will summon all minions in your hand that did not start in your deck. With various discover cards and other cards like Bone Drake, the opportunity to get more than ten mana worth of minions on the board is huge.

Hunter receives a powerful spell as a way to dig for their resources. Master’s Call allows Hunters to discover a minion from their deck. This effect alone can search for a King Krush or Charged Devilsaur, but the condition of the spell makes it very powerful. If all three of the options in the discover pool are beasts, it gives you all three of the cards. That would then allow Master’s Call to add three cards to your hand for only three mana. Value like that is hard to beat.


See cards as they get revealed for Rastakhan’s Rumble here. 


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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