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Hearthstone: Predictions for the Future

Blizzard has a habit of following patterns. Be it pack releases, patch updates, chapters in an adventure or pretty much anything else, it has always been predictable. But, recently, they did something that was completely new, they buffed cards and added a new legendary from a previous set. This had never been done before and could mean a lot for the future.

New Legendary

Players always love legendary minions. They are some of the strongest cards in the game after all. Who could forget powerful legendary minions like Yogg-Saron, the Lich King, Harrison Jones or Naxxramas? And the new legendary, SN1P-SN4P, is no exception. He has echo and magnetic, meaning that you can either slap three of them together or attach three of them to a mech like Zilliax. This is extremely powerful, being useful both early and late in the game.

A powerful card on turn three, six and nine.

This could mean that players could see new legendary cards in the near future. With how SN1P-SN4P came out, it gives fans a few ideas on what is possible. He uses unique keywords from both Boomsday Project and Witchwood. So, this could mean the next legendary cards could have magnetic, an omega ability, rush, start of game, overkill or twinspell ability. They could have any combination of these abilities making the new legendary extremely powerful in abilities alone.

New Hero Powers

One thing that has never changed throughout Hearthstone is Hero Powers. They have always been the same and only change when you play hero cards, like any of the Deathknights. But with the recent change that no one saw coming, perhaps this could change in the future.

An interesting idea for a new Hero Power

With the Dalaran Heist, we get to see tons of new hero powers that you can use for the runs. A few of these are extremely powerful, but others could be used in games with a bit of tweaking. Perhaps a card that has a battlecry that changes your hero power to a new one, a start of game ability, or even the option to pick your hero power when you make a deck. A possible hero power for the priest could be to give a minion minus two attack till the end of your opponent’s turn or for the hunter to give one attack and one health upgrade to a beast. This would shake up how decks are built and how games are played by a landslide. Every little thing that goes into how players go about competitive would be flipped and it would be incredibly refreshing.


Buffing cards are now officially possible. With so many cards that got buffed, who knows what could be next? Some of the cards that were once considered terrible, might be put into every deck possible. These adjustments could be anything from mana cost, health, attack or abilities. It’s an exciting time for Hearthstone players and fans alike. New things are on the horizon and what comes next will surely be something that players couldn’t have predicted.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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