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Hearthstone: Post Buff Decks

With buffs out, decks have shifted in the Hearthstone meta. SN1P-SN4P plays a part in some of these decks. Each class has changed in one way or another due to him and the buffs. These decks each have a take on how they were before the changes, using similar strategies and end conditions.

Token Druid

Arguably one of the strongest Mechs out there

Token Druid is similar to how it ran, although this version is a little more resilient to spells like Swipe and Consecration. The main difference is that this deck will opt out of Whisper Woods and instead uses mechs that spawn minions after they die. This forces opponents to clear the board twice in order to make sure the Druid has nothing on the field. It also allows for magnetization potential with SN1P-SN4P.

Of course, the deck still runs on buffing minions with Blessing of the Ancients, Savage Roar, Soul of the Forest and Power of the Wild to have significant burst damage. The deck likes to go wide and then go in for the kill, so if coming up against it, keep the board clear and build your own.

Mech Hunter

Mech Hunter was already on the rise, and now with SN1P-SN4P its power has only grown. Replacing a great number of its cards with mechs, it is almost exclusively Mechs, or at least Mech related. The deck utilizes the synergy that the Mechs have with each other, bringing huge burst damage and special abilities to make control of the board easier for them.  Some forms of the deck have use for Nine Lives, bringing back the deathrattle Mechs that died. Some players are messing with Oblivitron since it can work with a ton of the Mechs in the deck. However, the randomness of it can be a bit inconsistent.

Control Shaman

King Krush and Leeroy is the dream results

With Thunderhead receiving a boost in health, this makes Overload Control Shaman a bit better, since Thunderhead is one of the important pieces to this deck. This deck also utilizes Storm Bringer, Former Champ and Giggling Inventor, card that haven’t seen play in a very long time. It also has a lot of fun factors in it with the Storm Bringer due to the number of minions that can be produced, giving the user a ton of legendary minions that could potentially finish the game.

This deck is excellent at early game control and late game finishers, however it’s midgame is a touch lacking. So when coming up against this deck, hold your powerful cards till they are in an awkward position and can’t respond due to overload or an empty hand. An additional strategy is to wait till the mid game to use your stronger cards to try and close it out.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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