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Hearthstone: Playing On a Budget

Hearthstone is one of the hardest esports to get into. Yes, it is free to play, but many people would call it a “pay to win” game. The reason for this is that you can only get so far with the basic cards. Players need to have tons of legendary and epic cards. And playing your quests will only take you so far. Luckily, players have cards that give them entire decks with Whizbang the Wonderful and Zayle, Shadow Cloak. However, the decks aren’t incredible. There is also the autocomplete system to help players build the best deck possible. But which one is the best and how can they be improved?

Whizbang the Wonderful

Stand back and be amazed!

The fist of the budget Hearthstone cards, Whizbang would give you random deck at the start of the game. There would be no animation to show this so the opponent usually wouldn’t know unless Whizbang was a golden card. Golden Whizbang would give you an all gold deck as well as a golden hero. The decks that Whizbang would give you are the ones that are suggested when you try to make new decks.

One of the biggest issues with this card is that the decks are not incredibly powerful. Whizbang could probably take you to rank 15, maybe even rank 10 if you are talented enough. However, if this deck would function a bit differently, it would become an incredible tool for new players. Since Blizzard has the stats of how every deck is doing, perhaps they could make it so that Whizbang picks one of the top decks. This way, players get experience with powerful decks that have strategy to them.

Zayle, Shadow Cloak

How evil can she really be? She has such a lovely face.

Zayle, Shadow Cloak is the newest budget card. However, she will only build you E.V.I.L. decks, meaning that you will get a Warlock, Shaman, Priest, Rogue or Warrior. Each of the classes would be based off of the schemes that are out. So, for example, the Warlock deck is based around summoning tons of imps to deal chip damage and eventually overwhelm your opponent. This card functions similar to Whizbang except there are only five decks, so this provides a bit more consistency when you get a random deck.

This card’s biggest weakness is that it the schemes and the villains are not very powerful. Some of them function well enough when used in the right scenario, but some are just terrible. The two weakest scheme cards are Boom’s Scheme and Rafaam’s Scheme, simply because they are so limited on what they can do. The only way to improve this deck is to be able to adjust the themes. So, for Rogue, instead of being based around the scheme, base it around the Lackies and build it similar to Tempo Rogue. If the card would check the best possible decks for the themes it chooses, it would make this a very useful card to make budget decks.

Autocomplete Deck

Perhaps the most useful of the budget Hearthstone tools. This tool allows Hearthstone to build you the highest win rate deck possible with the cards you currently have. It can do this for each class, but you have to select the class fist. A few problems with this tool is that it won’t tell you which class has the best win rate deck. The other issue is that it doesn’t let you know if you are simply missing a card to make a tier one deck. If the tool would let you know that you have enough dust to craft a card that would significantly improve your win rate, this tool would go through the rood when it comes to usefulness.

Which is the Best?

All of these are good ways to get into Hearthstone, however the best might be Whizbang the Wonderful for a time, at least. Using him to climb through the beginning ranks and the early ranks will be incredibly helpful. After gaining all the beginner packs and perhaps buying a few in the shop with the gold you earn, as well as the solo adventure ones that you can get for free, the autocomplete tool becomes superior.

The more the cards you have, the stronger the autocomplete tool becomes. The same is true for Whizbang when you have very little cards. Zayle, Shadow Cloak is not a very good card as of right now. Perhaps when more sets come out, the decks she uses will be improved and give her the ability to surpass Whizbang. But for now, Whizbang will be the best choice for new players and the autocomplete tool will be good for intermediate players.


Images courtesy of Blizzard Entertainment via their official website.

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